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53% savings in HVAC systems, 32% in energy saving, amortization period of 2.3 years, IRR of 89%

Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic ventilated façades are able to save up to 53% in HVAC systems, and 32% in total energy consumption. As a result, the investment is amortized in 2.3 years and has an internal rate of return (the average future yield) of over 89%. This way, throughout the service life of the product, you recover 30 times the investment done.

PV Façade

Besides having a similar price, or even a lower price, than other construction materials, our photovoltaic glass is the only material that allows achieving a return on the investment while generating electric energy throughout the entire service life.

Please, download the economic analysis of the Onyx Solar’s façade by clicking here.

This kit allows a conversion from existing street furniture into mobile phone chargers or LED lighting spots, through a simple and easy installation


PV tile kit

As easy as substituting the top cover of the manhole or inspection chamber for a photovoltaic tile of non-slip glass. The generated energy is stored in a battery in this micro solar farm, and can be used to charge mobile phones and LED lighting through USB and RJ connectors respectively.

As a result, up to 15 mobile phones can be charged a day, or 6 hours of lighting. Through a minimal investment, a simple tile converts existing street furniture in an active element that generates free clean electricity from the Sun.

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free of charge courseWould you like to design your project with photovoltaic glass?

Stay tuned as we will be launching soon our first AIA CES course, free of charge!

For additional information, please contact

Onyx Solar has been awarded for launching the first low-e photovoltaic glass. It is a glass that improves insulation and lowers the electricity bill in buildings up to 90%

low-e pv glass

Besides producing free clean energy from the Sun, Onyx Solar’s low emissivity photovoltaic glass equals or exceeds the properties of similar conventional glass:

· U-Value: up to 0,13 BTU/hft2Fª (0,74W/m2K)
· Solar Factor/SHGC: from 10 to 40%, which makes our photovoltaic glass a perfect candidate in order to achieve a suitable balance between inner temperature andHVAC energy savings.
· Selective  UV and IR Harmful Radiation Filter: it filters 85 to 95% out of the total infrared radiation and 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.
· Light Transmission: transparency levels ranging from 10 to 30%, which allow the entry of natural light.
· Exterior Reflection: from 7 to 9%.

For additional information about this innovative building material, please download our Low-E Photovoltaic Glass Technical Guide.

Onyx Solar has organized this month in Avila the first European event for public dissemination about the HERB project, whose goal is the renovation of houses to achieve Net Zero Energy.



It was a conference where the European HERB partners talked about the different technical aspects of Holistic Energy-Efficient Retrofitting of Residential Buildings and about the innovative solutions of energy efficiency that have been implemented in real houses. For example, the one in Gotarrendura (Avila), where on April 17th there will be an open house day.

The Passivhaus building standard allows the beneficiaries of these buildings to be participants of a true energy revolution with the best cost/effective ratio in the adopted measures


 PassivhausThe 17th and 18th of April in Leipzig, Germany, together with Onyx Solar, more than a hundred participants worldwide will expose different projects as examples, solutions and innovations that abide by this standard for new or renovated buildings.

Besides, looking to promote the Passivhaus standard, Onyx Solar, among others, is part of the EUROPHIT project that is financed by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Program.

The conference program is available online, and subscriptions may be done by clicking here.


The Real Estate ShowIt will be celebrated in Mexico City the 21st and 22nd of April the most important exhibition of the real estate sector of the country: The Real Estate Show. Here, all the real estate development projects at a national and international levels are presented and explained.

Onyx Solar will be present in the 22-A stand with its official distributor in Mexico, the Vazquez Vela Group.

To schedule an appointment or request more information, please email to

Press Clipping

Onyx Solar presents an innovative energy solution, through the photovoltaic kit for urban furniture such as benches, tables or canopies of our cities

Photovoltaic kit

This solution has been developed as an autonomous power generation system to turn ordinary conventional street furniture into electronic devices with the USB charging points.

To request more information, please click here or visit our all you need section.

MarcoFotoPrincipal5We interviewed Reiner Mack, head of Onyx Solar in Germany

1. Taking into account your background at sustainable energy, what have led you to start a business relationship with Onyx Solar?

Following the trend in recent years of installing photovoltaic farms like almost everywhere and selling photovoltaic energy to the local grid, we always felt there must be better ideas and solutions out there. And there are! With Onyx Solar we found a way to go for truly green energy with BIPV components as the best available solution for our cities.

2. We met at a fair called Glasstec 2014 in Germany, How was your experience there?

The response of visitors at our booth was mind-blowing to me. I have attended a few other fairs in different business segments, but never experienced anything close to that. Germany is a demanding market in terms of quality, safety and efficiency.  At Glasstec we were sure that the market was waiting for our products, which incorporate a high degree of innovation and design.

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