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Onyx Solar presents an innovative energy solution, through the photovoltaic kit for urban furniture such as benches, tables or canopies of our cities

Photovoltaic kit

This solution has been developed as an autonomous power generation system to turn ordinary conventional street furniture into electronic devices with the USB charging points.

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MarcoFotoPrincipal5We interviewed Reiner Mack, head of Onyx Solar in Germany

1. Taking into account your background at sustainable energy, what have led you to start a business relationship with Onyx Solar?

Following the trend in recent years of installing photovoltaic farms like almost everywhere and selling photovoltaic energy to the local grid, we always felt there must be better ideas and solutions out there. And there are! With Onyx Solar we found a way to go for truly green energy with BIPV components as the best available solution for our cities.

2. We met at a fair called Glasstec 2014 in Germany, How was your experience there?

The response of visitors at our booth was mind-blowing to me. I have attended a few other fairs in different business segments, but never experienced anything close to that. Germany is a demanding market in terms of quality, safety and efficiency.  At Glasstec we were sure that the market was waiting for our products, which incorporate a high degree of innovation and design.

3. Based on your experience and knowledge of the German Market, are there any sustainable building trends? What do you think are going to be the market trends in the near future?

 Despite the low solar radiation in this area, Germany is the country with the largest installed photovoltaic power in the world. I think this is proof that the renewable energy generation sources such as solar are the future. Furthermore, we are facing a lot of curiosity towards BIPV products. More and more companies focused on improved energy storage and management of renewable systems are approaching us for future cooperations.  Another quite obvious trend is to combine all sorts of renewable energy sources in order to create a self-sufficient energy supply.

4. Onyx Solar solutions have active and passive properties higher than conventional glass. These properties also generate green and clean energy thanks to the Sun. What do the architects and the construction communities think about this kind of energy solution?

Particularly in Germany, many architects see the photovoltaic as something that is just spoiling their previous design by sticking cheap photovoltaic modules on roofs and finally covering the great initial look. The BIPV is something completely different with so much more options for architects and construction companies. Anyway, I believe that something has started already – in and outside Germany – which is going to be unstoppable and will have a huge success on designs of future buildings and projects.

 5. Onyx Solar’s glasses are the only building material that generates energy and provide return on investment. What are the customers’ reactions when they find out about this innovative product?

That is quite an eye-opener for many of our customers.  Many of them did not know about this innovative product and its big advantages.

 6. After your visit at Onyx Solar in Avila, Spain, what is your opinion on our office and especially about our manufacturing facility? What do you think about our staff? Have you learned anything during your visit? Is there anything in particular that has impressed you?

One of the things that impressed me the most was the dedication and commitment at 100% of all the staff members with products and projects. The factory is something really special. The monitoring of the entire process, from design to the manufacturing and installation, is the key for their success.

 7. How has your experience been as a distributor of Onyx Solar until today? How do you see yourself in five years?

We are just at the very beginning of an interesting future with ONYX Solar. What ever we do today in terms of explaining our product and all the networking, will pay off pretty soon. I think our future will be way beyond our humble imagination.

 8. What would you recommend to our future distributors?

Commit to it and go for it!  Use the entire Onyx Solar network! Let’s be successful together!

The health center of Punta Arenas will soon exhibit a new façade that will generate its own free clean energy thanks to our photovoltaic glasses


The building will incorporate a new curtain wall photovoltaic crystalline silicon to generate energy and store it for later use.

Muro cortina fotovoltaico

The semi-transparency degrees of the glasses allow the entry of natural light into the interior, reducing the need of using artificial lighting. As a result, this will reduce energy consumption.

Despite the low solar radiation in this area and thanks to the efficiency of Onyx Solar’s solutions, the curtain wall will generate approximately 35 kWh per year and per m2 from the Sun.

Onyx Solar has been invited by the UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union), where Onyx Solar has done an extraordinary presentation on “R&D&i in Buildings Integrated Photovoltaics”

Photovoltaic Kit

This conference took place at Genera 2015 (Madrid), the main annual international fair of Energy and Environment.During the meeting, Onyx Solar talked about its R&D projects and its new solution, the photovoltaic kit for urban furniture.

Pergola fotovoltaica

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) is launching the Connecting Solar Energy to Houses and Buildings Smart Initiative, with the aim of encouraging consumers to adopt solar energy as a mean of producing their own. Any surplus of production will be fed into the electricity network and will be credited for off-setting future consumption.

At Onyx Solar we count on many distributors that can advise you on how to integrate our photovoltaic solutions for your sustainable building projects.


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Currently, we have distributors spread around the five continents in countries such as United States, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, France, Italy, Portugal, United Emirates and Germany. Click here to find your closest distributor.

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Onyx Solar organized the first European event of dissemination on the HERB project


HERBHERB (Holistic Energy-efficient Retrofitting of residential Buildings), funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme. This is a large-scale international project in collaboration with academic institutions and European industrial partners. Its main objective is to study and implement innovative measures for the Holistic Energy-efficient Retrofitting in residential Buildings.

At the conference, which takes place in the last days of March in Avila (Spain), the project partners will present some of the measures they are studying to undertake with different application on their respective buildings in Europe. Onyx Solar, as the coordinator of the energy renovation that it is being carried out in a town of Avila called Gotarrendura, will have a key role in this event, explaining the action and organizing a tour where the innovations will be presented on site.

For the inscriptions or more information contact us at

Press Clipping

Onyx Solar will be at the “Innovation Gallery of Genera 2015”, the main international fair of Energy and Environment to be held in Madrid from 24 to 27 February


Onyx Solar is one of the Spanish companies that is continuing investing in Research and Development while promoting sustainability and energy efficiency. Therefore, the company has had the privilege of presenting their innovations at the Innovation Gallery of Genera.

At the gallery, Onyx Solar will present an innovative solution, the photovoltaic kit for urban furniture such as benches, tables or canopies of our cities. This solution has been developed as an autonomous power generation system to convert the traditional outdoor furniture in charging points for offering the pedestrians with free hotspots to charge their devices (phones, tablets, etc).


Furthermore, Onyx Solar has been invited by the UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) and Fotoplat to give a presentation on “R&S&i in Buildings Integrated Photovoltaics” to take place within the technical conferences “R&S&i ‘made in Spain’ and Autoconsumo in 2015.

Onyx Solar is the Spanish SMEs with the largest number of R&S&i projects in terms of the numbers of employees involved. The six projects of Onyx Solar are funded by the European Commission, four of which are in the Seventh Framework Programme, one in LIFE and another in the Intelligent Energy Europe project. The main objective of all these projects is to improve energy efficiency in buildings through innovative sustainable measures.

Nowadays, the company works permanently with a wide range of national and international research and technological centers of excellence.  These partnerships with renowned and prestigious institutes include, University of Nottingham, Fraunhofer ISE, VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland, Passive House Institute, University of Valladolid, the Cartif Foundation, the Energy, Environment and Technology Research Center (CIEMAT). The collaborations with enterprises also include Acciona and many others. In addition, Onyx Solar is an active member of various associations in the sector of sustainable construction.

The photovoltaic glass of Onyx Solar is at 140EUR/sqm after installation. This means a great economical advantage compared to other conventional materials such as phenolic (148EUR/sqm), natural stone (152EUR/sqm) or porcelain (200EUR/sqm) according to CYPE


The photovoltaic glass is the only building material that pays for itself over time by generating electricity during its lifespan.

Other advantages of photovoltaic façade include homogeneous transmittance of light into the building, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and enhancing the comfort level of the occupants. Furthermore, the thermal insulation properties of the photovoltaic glass on the façade accomplish energy savings up to 50% compared to a traditional façade.


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