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Onyx Solar has installed the first photovoltaic backyard wall in a private residence in Avila-Spain


The glass that was used is one of the most innovative so far: is a satin-finished, anti-glare, and at the same time it keeps all its full photovoltaic properties. This is why, besides generating free and clean electricity from the sun, it diffuses the light transmission, providing intimacy and comfort to everyone inside.

The new headquarters of Eastern Bank in Dhaka will include an amorphous silicon photovoltaic façade that will make the building more sustainable and efficient


Eastern BankThe façade of 500 sqm (5000 sqf) will have large modules with a 30% transparency, and will be installed using a system of slats.

This will allow a homogenous light transmission into the building, reducing the needs for artificial lighting, and insulating the building thermally and acoustically.

In cities like Dhaka, when you install Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass, you achieve energy savings in buildings of up to 60%.

With Onyx Solar you will recover your investment in record time, and you will secure extra income for the next 30 years, thanks to the energy generation and the thermal insulation of our photovoltaic glass

Solar energy has become much more viable and attractive for the construction sector. This is because of the amortization of the investment through the generation of clean and free electricity from the sun, and also because of the surge in incentives worldwide.

We now carry out feasibility studies that include tax credit and incentive which may apply when using photovoltaic glass. This means that in countries such the US they can lower the cost of the glass down to only 2.5 USD/Sqft (24 EUR/sqm). It makes a difference!

MarcoFotoPrincipal1In the US for example, you have on one hand the tax credit incentive for solar energy that covers 30% of the total cost of the photovoltaic system.  Such 30% covers not only the cost of the photovoltaic glass, but also the rest of the components of the system that are classified as “energy property” that could include the structure that supports the photovoltaic glass, balance of system and installation.

On the other hand, you have the modified accelerated cost recovery system that allows you to recover the cost in a few months, through depreciation deductions, compared to a traditional one which is depreciated over 39 years.

In following the link you can download an example of a quote for a curtain wall in California where incentives apply.

The magazine The Architect’s Newspaper awarded Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic floor as the best outdoor  product of 2015

Best product awardThis new award is an addition to our other recently awarded prize, “The Most Innovative Product in the US under Low-e Photovoltaic Glass” by the National Association of Glass.

According to Colin Brice, cofounder of the architecture firm Mapos, Onyx Solar is “a game changer” in the world of architecture.

This American magazine is a reference for architects, designers, engineers, contractors, etc. because it makes reference to the latest trends and construction projects at an international level.

France has just approved a new law that requires all new buildings to be covered partially with solar panels or green roofs


This mandatory requirement is already in place in some European capitals like Copenhagen, and reinforces the idea of energy efficiency in all new constructions.

Photovoltaic Skylight

Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass integrates itself perfectly well in buildings, preserving the aesthetics of them. This is because of the great variety of the different size configurations, colors, transparencies, shapes, etc. Furthermore, it has the added value of generating clean energy and reducing the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

The most important sector exhibition will take place in Atlanta between the 16 and 18 of September

Glassbuild 2014Onyx Solar will be exhibiting its photovoltaic glass in the most important exhibition in the glass industry at the booth #2110.

The latest photovoltaic glass of Onyx Solar will be present, including the Low-e photovoltaic glass which was recently awarded as the most innovative product of the year by the National Glass Association of the US.

This trade show, that yearly rounds up more than 400 exhibitors and 6.000 visitors, has the support of the National Glass Association and Windows and Doors Dealer Alliance.

For more information contact us at

ICCRAMOnyx Solar presented the project “The Autonomous Office” during this congress, which has been financed by the European Commission through the LIFE program. The objective of this program is to build an energy self-sufficient office building, where Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass solutions will be key to achieve the expected results.

In the seventh edition of ICAE 2015 the R+D activities were of great relevance through the participation of many field experts as Lorenzo Vallés from the Directorate General of Investigation of the EU, Ulrich Knaack (Delft University of Technology), and the Amanac cluster (Advanced Material and Nanotechnology Cluster).

Press Clipping

2 years is the necessary time to recover all of the investment in a photovoltaic curtain wall in cities like Cancun


The generation of free and clean energy together with the energy savings from the passive properties of our photovoltaic glass, allows you to recover your investment in 3 years in places like Los Angeles or Mexico City.


You only need 4 years in cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, San Francisco or Miami. Even in cities with worse weather conditions like New York, Munich or Milan, you still have very attractive payback periods (5 years).

Check out the following link to see the payback period of your city.

Onyx Solar’s Low-e photovoltaic glass has received the winning award to the most innovative glass product by Glass Magazine and the National Glass Association of the US

This glass not only produces electricity, but also matches and sometimes surpasses the properties of conventional low-e glass.

Using our low-e photovoltaic glass, our clients enjoy savings of up to 90% in their electricity bill. With this amount of savings in cities like Los Angeles, the investment is amortized in only 3 years with annual average yields of 40%. Even in places with extreme weather conditions like Alaska, savings can be of up to 30%, and investing in our solutions allows our clients to obtain an annual profitability of 22%.

Glass Magazine Award

In the following link you will be able to check out the savings and profitability of our solutions when applied to your building.


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