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Onyx Solar´s photovoltaic glass will transform Tanjong Pagar building so it is capable of producing its own energy from the Sun.


This Project will be concluded mid-2016, and is a new mixed-use tower that will have offices, residences, and commercial and hospitality facilities right in the center of Singapore’s financial district.

The building will have 64 stories designed by the prestigious architectural firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) and it is been developed by the Korean multinational company Samsung. It has been projected to achieve the Greenmark accreditation, as well as LEED Platinum certificate, and the project is a clear example of Singapore´s spectacular growth and clear bet for sustainability.

Even more, the project has been awarded the WAN AWARD (Mixed Awards 2014) in the category of “Future Projects”.

Onyx Solar has executed together with the General Contractor-GH Phipps- the installation of the Science Pyramid in Denver, Colorado


Denver Botanic Gardens

The Project with pyramidal shape is comprised of hexagonal photovoltaic glass using crystalline silicon with a 100% customized design.

After completion of the project, Onyx Solar interviewed some of the involved firms in the execution of it: the designer of the façade, the architect, the GC and the owners.

“When we needed hexagonal photovoltaic glass, Onyx was the only company that could produce it“…”Work with them was great”. Adam Tormohlen, PM, special projects of GH Phipps

“Capacity of generate energy from the sun and aesthetics blend together in a unique product”. William P. Babbington, Studio NYL.

To read the full interview click here.

ING DIRECT, the largest online bank in the world, is one more of the multiple multinational companies like Novartis, Pfizer, or Coca-Cola that have included one of Onyx Solar´s innovative solutions


The renovation done in their central offices in Madrid, includes among other sustainable solutions, the integration of a photovoltaic skylight in the central garden within the building.

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GREENBUILD AMERICAOnyx Solar will exhibit its latest products at GreenBuild America, which is the largest sustainability trade show in the country. It will take place from 18th to 19th of November in Washington, United States.

A special place will be dedicated to two of our most awarded products:

– Photovoltaic Low-e glass, which was considered as the most innovative product of the year by the American glass industry.

-Photovoltaic walkable floor, which was awarded recently by the prestigious architectural magazine The Architects Newspaper as the best outdoor architectural product.

We invite you to visit us at the booth #4328. You could ask us for free passes at this email:

The International Solar Industry Awards has awarded Onyx Solar´s Low-E photovoltaic glass in the category of Best Turnkey Project

This prize, which was awarded in Hamburg, recognizes innovative firms that develop new products with the potential to change our lifestyle.

We also won the prize “Somos Sostenibles”, which was awarded recently in the Royal Theater of Madrid by Banco Popular. The gala was enlivened by the well-known Inma Shara.

Onyx Solar galardona por su innovacion

Solar citiesThe Indian government has the intention of taking the country to the forefront of renewable energies. For that, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energies (MNRE) has elaborated a Master Plan to support the development of 50 solar cities.

This is a sustainable solution that will be implemented in each one of the 29 States of the country, with a minimum of one city per State, and a maximum to 5. Solar energy is a commodity with great potential in India to be able to offer a reliable energy supply. In average, the country has 300 days of sunny days, and receives 200MWh/km radiation.

This is why approaches of energy efficiency like Onyx Solar´s photovoltaic glass will be strong candidates for building integration and clean and free energy generation from the sun.

Press Clipping

Onyx Solar has installed the first photovoltaic backyard wall in a private residence in Avila-Spain


The glass that was used is one of the most innovative so far: is a satin-finished, anti-glare, and at the same time it keeps all its full photovoltaic properties. This is why, besides generating free and clean electricity from the sun, it diffuses the light transmission, providing intimacy and comfort to everyone inside.

The new headquarters of Eastern Bank in Dhaka will include an amorphous silicon photovoltaic façade that will make the building more sustainable and efficient


Eastern BankThe façade of 500 sqm (5000 sqf) will have large modules with a 30% transparency, and will be installed using a system of slats.

This will allow a homogenous light transmission into the building, reducing the needs for artificial lighting, and insulating the building thermally and acoustically.

In cities like Dhaka, when you install Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass, you achieve energy savings in buildings of up to 60%.

With Onyx Solar you will recover your investment in record time, and you will secure extra income for the next 30 years, thanks to the energy generation and the thermal insulation of our photovoltaic glass

Solar energy has become much more viable and attractive for the construction sector. This is because of the amortization of the investment through the generation of clean and free electricity from the sun, and also because of the surge in incentives worldwide.

We now carry out feasibility studies that include tax credit and incentive which may apply when using photovoltaic glass. This means that in countries such the US they can lower the cost of the glass down to only 2.5 USD/Sqft (24 EUR/sqm). It makes a difference!

MarcoFotoPrincipal1In the US for example, you have on one hand the tax credit incentive for solar energy that covers 30% of the total cost of the photovoltaic system.  Such 30% covers not only the cost of the photovoltaic glass, but also the rest of the components of the system that are classified as “energy property” that could include the structure that supports the photovoltaic glass, balance of system and installation.

On the other hand, you have the modified accelerated cost recovery system that allows you to recover the cost in a few months, through depreciation deductions, compared to a traditional one which is depreciated over 39 years.

In following the link you can download an example of a quote for a curtain wall in California where incentives apply.


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