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This photovoltaic skylight represents a multifunctional solution by generating free electricity from the Sun on-site and adding bioclimatic properties to the building; in this way, it allows day-lighting, it filters harmful UV and IR radiation and it provides thermal inner comfort. The avoidance of premature ageing of materials will extend its lifespan.

This 2,900 SqF PV transparent skylight combines three different types of  a-Si , see-through IG Unit. A total of 110 units provide 6,750 Wp installed.

Self-consumption has been the energy management business model selected for the project, so part of the energy generated feeds the building straight away, and the remaining part is stored in batteries to feed exterior outlets.

Ventilated Photovoltaic Skylight for a City Hall in Spain

Ventilated Photovoltaic Skylight for a City Hall in Spain

The work for the installation of a ventilated photovoltaic skylight at Alzira’s City Hall, in Valencia, are about to finish. It’s an skylight with perimetral ventilation of the interior yard being covered.

A total of 48 semi-transparent modules have been necessary for an area of 115 m2. It’s a triple laminated glass without air chamber, that allows the trespassing of 10% of the daylight facilitating natural illumination and repelling UV and infrared rays; thus improving inner comfort.

The total installed power is 5kWp and it will generate more than 6.000 kWh a year, avoiding the emission to the atmosphere of more than five tons of CO2.

Onyx Solar photovoltaic pergola in Madrid

Onyx Solar photovoltaic pergola in Madrid

Onyx Solar has just concluded a new project in the Primavera Center for Elder people, in Coslada (Madrid). The company specialized in the development of photovoltaic building materials has installed a photovoltaic pergola able to generate free and clean electricity from the Sun.

The installation has a total intervention area of 74 sqm (796 sqf), and is made up of 48 photovoltaic modules with 90 Wp power each. The pergola will generate nearly 5340 kWh a year, thus avoiding the emission of 3,5 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year. The intervention also includes two 2,5 kW inverters and the total installed power for the pergola is 4,32 kWp.

This installation is the second one for Onyx Solar in Madrid, after completing a semi-transparent photovoltaic skylight in the San Anton Market. In addition to that, the company is involved in around 200 projects in more than 30 different countries.

One of the main goals of the European Union is to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions to the environment and to stimulate the design of more energy efficient buildings.  In order to achieve that some objectives have been established for the upcoming years, and companies, institutions and individuals showing this same commitment are being awarded.

Among those recognized actors is Onyx Solar, selected as an official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign for its photovoltaic skylight in the San Anton Market (Madrid). The project avoid the emission of 5 tons of CO2 a year by integrating a PV glass into the roof, adding a 20% degree of semi transparency to the glass in order to permit daylight to get into the building.

The program’s goal is to showcase activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Concretely the focus is on spreading best practice in sustainable energy technology, build alliances and inspire new energy ideas and actions.

With this award, the photovoltaic skylight will be promoted in 450 events through the year 2011, including the “Energy Days” held each year in Brussels gathering the most renowned professionals within the sector worldwide. In addition to that, the project will be nominated for the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2011.

Onyx Solar will participate in the remodeling of the Union City Rapid Transit Station, in San Francisco. The company will supply a semitransparent photovoltaic glass who will be incorporated into the canopies of the new building. The Sation is included in the BART system (Bay Area Rapid Transit) which operates with five lines across 167 km with 43 stations in four counties. This system has more than 320.000 users in weekdays, being the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

The company reached an agreement last week with the contractor in order to take part of the project. Onyx will participate in the first stage of the project, aimed to readapt the current station to make it more accessible to all transports, from pedestrians to bicycles and cars.

The Project in Union City will be the first in USA for Onyx Solar, which expects to grow rapidly in that market due to the awareness of the necessity of a more sustainable building model that most American architects have. Thus, last June the Spanish company opened its first office in USA (New York) and it is already working on the design stage of several projects with some of the largest architectural offices such as Gensler, KPF or SOM.

Onyx Solar has designed and developed the photovoltaic roof and façade for the Cabinet House installed in the MAXXI museum, the last work of Zaha Hadid. The Cabinet House is an ecological prototype based on a new division of the space following the urban contemporary lifestyle: less squares meters and most of them for social life.

Firstly using wood, secondly by minimizing space and thus the construction materials being used, and lastly by adding the possibility of collecting rain water and sun energy in such a way that the architects are offering a more sustainable model  than the short-sighted, monotonous production of the building market today.

Cabinet House with photovoltaic façade and roof from Onyx Solar

Cabinet House with photovoltaic façade and roof from Onyx Solar

The project is located in a public yard in front of the MAXXI museum and it’s aimed to become a mediator between this iconic building and the reality surrounding it, offering the visitors a peaceful place to stop by in the middle of Rome.

Onyx Solar Ventilated Photovoltaic Façade

Onyx Solar has designed and developed the ventilated photovoltaic façade for the Pfizer-University of Granada-Junta de Andalucía Center for Genomic and Oncologic Research (GENyO in Spanish). The façade combines three different types of glasses: two white, conventional serigraphic glass and a third one 2,5 x 1 meters photovoltaic glass, specially customized for this project. Thus, the PV technology is integrated in an aesthetic manner replacing conventional materials such as glass, ceramic or stones with a great final result.

GENyO is the first genomic research center integrating the Public Administration, the University and biotecnological and pharmaceutical sector, leading to a basic and applied research focused on the development of new products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases linked to human genetic variability such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension, among others.

With the integration of the Ventilated Photovoltaic Façade, the building will generate almost all the energy needed for its operation while avoiding the emission 21 tons of CO2 a year, leading to a cost-effectiveness from the savings in the electricity bills. At the same time, the energy pay-back (the length of time that a solar glass will take to produce the same amount of electricity that was used to make it) will be of only two and a half year showing the sustainability of this constructive solutions.

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