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Our feasibilities studies go a step further and include a calculation of the energy savings thanks to the simulation tool Green Building Studio.


Onyx Solar’s PV glass active properties not only enable buildings to produce their own free and clean energy, but also save a lot of energy, thanks to the improvement in the thermal envelope of the buildings in which the glass is integrated. It also increases the building’s efficiency, saving energy and money to its users.


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The solar PV ventilated façade installed in our headquarters is an example of functionality and beauty.



In 2014 the electric installation company Del Nogal installed this amazing solution using 310 units of laminated Onyx Solar PV glass. The installation was faster and easier than what people might think. As you can see the result is stunning!

PV Ventilated façades are an aesthetical and functional solution that not only dress any type of building, but also generate electricity and improve the efficiency of the building, saving money and energy.

Changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated is what LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) does.

The first LEED building was certified in 2000. Since then, thousands of energy-efficient, green buildings have been built across the globe. Integrating Onyx Solar’s PV Glass contributes to obtain LEED certification thanks to its energy generation and Low-e properties. 

Some examples of LEED certified buildings that integrate our PV glass are the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Marriott’s Pier South hotel in Imperial Beach (California), The LUCIA building at the University of Valladolid or the Tanjong Pagar center in Singapore, between others!

Construction works keep on going in The Union National Bank, one of the main Egyptian banks, located in in the financial area of Giza, in Cairo.


The bank has decided to integrate 439m2 (4,725sqft) of solar PV glass manufactured by Onyx Solar in its façade and rooftop. The result: an amazing blue amorhous silicon façade and a monocrystalline silicon rooftop that will generate free and clean energy. We look forward to see it complete!


EverClean is a transparent, durable, cost-effective and permanent self-cleaning solution for photovoltaic glass.


Onyx Solar attended in May the kick-off meeting of this European R&D project. The company will work on the development of EverClean technology during the next two years of this Fast Track to Innovation project, together with the partners London South Bank University (U.K), as project coordinator, Opus Materials (U.K), Millidyne (Finland) and CEA (France), in order to ensure a rapid market deployment.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 760311.

Discover why there is no better glass than Onyx Solar®’s PV glass in this interview with our customers: Marriott hotels and the installer Soorya Unlimited.

According to our customers, the results of the photovoltaic installation are very positive. The photovoltaic glass installation contributed decisively to get a LEED Silver certification for the building and reduced significantly the electricity bill, while attracting guest`s attention. Sustainability and relaxation meet in a perfect way.

Onyx Solar®’s PV glass was integrated into a modern and sustainable photovoltaic roof, with 55 different shapes of photovoltaic glass. Designing with PV glass has almost no limits.

6 years after the installation of Onyx Solar®’s PV glass, its performance is perfect.

Onyx Solar® collaborated with ROMA Design Group in the integration of PV glass in a canopy located at Union City station, San Francisco. It has become an example of sustainability and functionality. Discover it in this video.

According to the architects, the result is an aesthetically pleasant one, so people feel better about being there at all times. Onyx Solar®’s glass meets functional requirements but yet there are the additional benefits of energy production and sustainability, something that people are looking for. The collaboration with Onyx was excellent and they are very satisfied with the product and the service provided.

April 27th to 29th in Orlando. Register here to visit us for free.


Onyx Solar®, the company which supplied PV glass for the largest photovoltaic skylight built in the USA, and Wasco, one of America’s largest residential and commercial skylight manufacturers, will showcase photovoltaic skylights at the largest Architecture Convention in America, AIA Convention, happening this week in Orlando.

Together, more than 20,000 design professionals, decision makers and exhibitors are expected to attend the event, representing the entire building industry.

Stop by booth #3323 and check out our photovoltaic skylights, which are not more expensive than skylights made with conventional glass. Onyx Solar® and Wasco’s professionals will be there to assist you with your most challenging projects.

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