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Discover why there is no better glass than Onyx Solar®’s PV glass in this interview with our customers: Marriott hotels and the installer Soorya Unlimited.

According to our customers, the results of the photovoltaic installation are very positive. The photovoltaic glass installation contributed decisively to get a LEED Silver certification for the building and reduced significantly the electricity bill, while attracting guest`s attention. Sustainability and relaxation meet in a perfect way.

Onyx Solar®’s PV glass was integrated into a modern and sustainable photovoltaic roof, with 55 different shapes of photovoltaic glass. Designing with PV glass has almost no limits.

6 years after the installation of Onyx Solar®’s PV glass, its performance is perfect.

Onyx Solar® collaborated with ROMA Design Group in the integration of PV glass in a canopy located at Union City station, San Francisco. It has become an example of sustainability and functionality. Discover it in this video.

According to the architects, the result is an aesthetically pleasant one, so people feel better about being there at all times. Onyx Solar®’s glass meets functional requirements but yet there are the additional benefits of energy production and sustainability, something that people are looking for. The collaboration with Onyx was excellent and they are very satisfied with the product and the service provided.

April 27th to 29th in Orlando. Register here to visit us for free.


Onyx Solar®, the company which supplied PV glass for the largest photovoltaic skylight built in the USA, and Wasco, one of America’s largest residential and commercial skylight manufacturers, will showcase photovoltaic skylights at the largest Architecture Convention in America, AIA Convention, happening this week in Orlando.

Together, more than 20,000 design professionals, decision makers and exhibitors are expected to attend the event, representing the entire building industry.

Stop by booth #3323 and check out our photovoltaic skylights, which are not more expensive than skylights made with conventional glass. Onyx Solar® and Wasco’s professionals will be there to assist you with your most challenging projects.


A new generation of photovoltaic glass: Glass units of over 13 x 6.5 feet


Onyx Solar® has succeeded in manufacturing extra-large format units of over 13 x 6.5 feet with high mechanical resistance. This glass generates clean and free energy from the sun and is up to 0.13 feet thick, what gives it extraordinary structural properties. The glass that the company developed also has a very high transparency degree, filters out harmful solar radiation and its g value is optimal for hot climate zones, where a lot of energy is consumed in air conditioning.

Onyx Solar® keeps working towards innovation searching for state-of-the-art solutions and developing a new generation of photovoltaic glass leading this European Project of R+D Advanced BIPV.

Onyx Solar stands by its commitment to the strictest safety standards, making the company become a true benchmark.

Onyx Solar’s glass based on thin film technology has obtained the certification according to the standard UL 1703 & ULC/ORD-C1703: Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels”. An outstanding hit in this sector! No other company had been able to certified according to this standard large-size pieces of semitransparent glass such as the ones Onyx Solar manufactures.

In addition, TÜV NORD lab has certified Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass in crystalline technology according to the standard IEC 61215:2005Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) Modules – Design Qualification and Type Approval” and IEC61730 2004:1&2 “Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification – -Part 1: Requirements for construction & Part 2: Requirements for testing”.


Vidrio gordo 1.jpg

The LUCIA building of the University of Valladolid has become the most sustainable building in Europe and all the Northern Hemisphere, due to aspects such as energy savings and respect for the environment.

This building, clear example of sustainable architecture, integrates two photovoltaic skylights and a curtain wall. These means for energy generation employ the first transparent Low-e PV glass made of amorphous silicon, manufactured by Onyx Solar.

With an installed power capacity of 6k Wp it generates 5,550k Wh of electricity yearly and prevents the release of 3.7 tons of CO2. This paradigm of energetic efficiency saves up to 60% of power consumption. No wonder it has achieved the LEED Platinum certification.

Onyx Solar has been awarded by the German CleanTech Institute as the “Most Innovative Application” for the Tanjong Pagar project.

The German CleanTech Institute aims to boost photovoltaic and electrical energy storage installations, recognizing the work carried out by the most forward-thinking companies of this sector.

Onyx Solar took part in the Tanjong Pagar project with the integration of a large pv pergola of 28,000 SqFt (2,600 Sqm) at the entrance of the building. The Tanjong Pagar, the tallest building in Singapore, has obtained the Platinum LEED certification. Its pergola by Onyx Solar features 850 amorphous silicon pv glass modules with a semi-transparency degree of 10%.

An outstanding project that has achieved worldwide recognition.

render lu.png

Onyx Solar has been working to offer yet another solar architectural solution: photovoltaic glass made entirely in metallic colour.

post-2Onyx manufactures the first low-e glass with photovoltaic properties launched on the market, a glass able to reduce the cost of electricity down to $0.01 kWh. To meet its customer’s needs, the company manufacture 100% customized pv glass that puts together both sustainability and design. Thanks to its outstanding properties, Onyx’s glass was awarded The Most Innovative Glass Product in 2015 by the National Glass Association of the U.S.

This metallic look adds up a new choice to the already wide variety of colours offered by Onyx Solar.

Onyx Solar has been recognizerd in the European Business Awards for the Environment as a Product and Service for Sustainable Development


Biodiversidad Foundation, coordinator of the Spanish section of the awards, has awarded Onyx Solar for its successful path. In what they described as a “recognition of the innovative nature of Onyx in the field of design and manufacture of photovoltaic materials for construction and rehabilitation of buildings, replacing conventional materials, thereby saving energy and generating clean energy” .

This award is yet another recognition for Onyx Solar, which will represent Spain in the European final of the awards, whose award ceremony will take place next October 27 in Estonia.

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