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Onyx Solar© helps get preferential financing conditions for projects worth more than one million euros in photovoltaic glass.


colorsNow it is possible to integrate our PV glass for a lower upfront payment than for conventional glass. The upfront payment could be as low as 15% of the value of photovoltaic glass, and the rest will be paid in semiannual installments. These installments could be usually offset by the energy generated energy produced by the photovoltaic glass and the energy savings derived from the building’s thermal insulation, and the financing period could be as high as 12 years.

This operation will not consume internal credit lines, and the interest rate of the operation will be lower than those prevailing in the county in which the project would be located. For a low upfront payment, it is possble to enjoy all the advantages of Onyx Solar´s photovoltaic glass, which is much more profitable than conventional glass, with an average payback of less than 2 years and a 70% IRR around the world.

Punta Arenas

Onyx Solar reaches a new milestone with its first project in Chile, specifically in Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the Americas.

The health centre located in the capital of Chilean Antarctica will incorporate a curtain wall counting on photovoltaic mono-crystalline silicon technology, laminated, safety glass. That will make the center a more efficient and sustainable building.

Despite the low solar radiation in this area and thanks to the efficiency of Onyx Solar’s solutions, the curtain wall will generate approximately 35 kWh per year and per sqm from the sun.

The project will be executed in collaboration with the Chilean construction company Salfa Corp, one of the major companies in Chile with presence in several Latin American countries.

This glazing shows the same characteristics than a traditional Low-E glass with the ability of generating free electricity from the sun

At Onyx Solar we know that the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed. For that reason our photovoltaic glass besides offering free electricity from the sun, provide thermal and sound insulation, filter out UV and IR harmful radiation and allow daylight.

Low-e PV Glass

Let us introduce you the main technical properties of the first Low-E photovoltaic glass in the market:

· U-Value: up to 0,13 BTU/hft2Fª ( 0,74W/m2K)
· Solar Factor or SHGC: from 10 to 40%, which makes our photovoltaic glass a perfect candidate in order to achieve a suitable balance between inner temperature and HVAC energy savings.
· Selective UV and IR Harmful Radiation Filter: it filters 85 to 95% out of the total infrared radiation and 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.
· Light Transmission: transparency levels ranging from 10 to 30%, which allow the entry of natural light.
· Exterior Reflection: from 7 to 9% Low-e PV Glass- Technical Guide

For additional information about our Low-E photovoltaic glass, we have prepared the following document, which is already available for downloading by clicking here: Low-E Photovoltaic Glass Technical Guide.

Onyx Solar new project, the Viracopos-Campinas International Airport in Sao Paulo, will represent the largest project for the company in South America

Onyx Solar, world leading company in the design and manufacture of photovoltaic glass for Building Integrated Photovoltaic solutions, has been awarded a new project in Brazil by Consorcio Construtor Viracopos, general contractor of the Viracopos-Campinas International Airport in Sao Paulo.

Aeropuerto Brasil

We will be supplying the airport 4,100 units of cutting edge, semi transparent insulating photovoltaic glass to create 33 photovoltaic skylights over the roof of the new state of the art terminal of the airport.

The total photovoltaic skylight area will surpass 33,000 Sqft while the installed power will reach 117 kWp; in this sense, the new terminal which is under construction and planned to be completed by May 2014 will be benefited by the multifunctional properties offered by Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass: natural light, sun control, IV/IR filter, thermal & sound insulation, free energy onsite and innovative design.

With this new innovative construction, Viracopos Airport is expected to serve 15 million of passengers and become one of the largest and most modern airport of South America. Its strategic location, just sixty miles from Sao Paulo will make it a key new infrastructure to receive thousands of 2014 FIFA World Cup fans.

Consorcio Construtor Viracopos counted also on world leader NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants to win this USD 2.2 billion project which thanks to its energy efficient design and innovative approach will become a reference for others to follow.

Onyx Solar international distribution network is growing thanks to the trust that our distributors have placed in our photovoltaic solutions



We are building a distributors network worldwide to distribute our photovoltaic glass with exclusive rights within a specific territory. In this sense, Onyx Solar has developed a specific program to support technically and commercially our new partners, that has been very well received among our current distributors.

We started building up this network few months ago and 15 distributors have already joined our network in places like Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Texas, United Arab Emirates, Oman or Egypt.

If your company is also interested in distributing our products and wants more information about our Distributors Support Package, mail us at

Take advantage on our expertise in Building Integrated Photovoltaic Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) offers to architects and other construction industry professionals exciting market opportunities and innovative designs.

Our BIPV Engineering and Architectural Services help our clients to successfully develop BIPV installations in all steps they need: conceptual, functional and detailed design; including the election of the best photovoltaic solution, estimation of energy generation or electrical design, among others.

Many relevant BIPV projects have already trusted on our Engineering Services. Check out our Professional Experience Book.

Photovoltaic Skylight installed at Novartis (USA)

Spanish company Onyx Solar, through its US subsidiary, has completed the installation of the largest PV skylight in the world, a PV double skylight sizing 27,500 sqf which was executed for the new Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation´s headquarters in New Jersey, United States.

The skylight will allow the firm generate free and clean electricity from the sun, equivalent to the lighting of more than 600 houses, at the same time that it provides the building with cutting edge technology that will turn it into an international reference for innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

World Largest PV Skylight installed in USA

The PV skylight is comprised of 820 units of PV glass modules in large format and they incorporate photovoltaic crystalline perforated solar cells which made the manufacturing process more complex due to the higher fragility of the cells; on the other hand, such solar cells allow a more homogeneous natural light transmission through the building, enhancing its interior lighting which is key for any office space.

The execution of the project was especially demanding due to the complexity of the skylight system which had to be movable (open and close) for maintenance purposes.

In this way, general contractor Turner Construction entrusted the entire project to Onyx Solar under a turnkey solution contract, which was executed successfully, reaching the highest quality standards that delighted the owner.

72% of companies globally planning to invest in eco-efficiency in the next 12 months.

IMG_7353According to the study Institute for Building Efficiency, by Johnson Controls, 72% of companies globally has goals internally or publicly to increase investment in energy efficiency over the next twelve months.

The modernization project of the Empire State Building, is a proof that the investment is recovered. Built more than 80 years ago, this building has saved U.S. $ 2.4 million, with lower power consumption by 38%, exceeding its target by 5% in a year (2011).

The energy demand of buildings can be reduced by up to 60% by incorporating sustainable measures and integration of renewable energies such as Onyx Solar BIPV solutions.


This photovoltaic skylight represents a multifunctional solution by generating free electricity from the Sun on-site and adding bioclimatic properties to the building; in this way, it allows day-lighting, it filters harmful UV and IR radiation and it provides thermal inner comfort. The avoidance of premature ageing of materials will extend its lifespan.

This 2,900 SqF PV transparent skylight combines three different types of  a-Si , see-through IG Unit. A total of 110 units provide 6,750 Wp installed.

Self-consumption has been the energy management business model selected for the project, so part of the energy generated feeds the building straight away, and the remaining part is stored in batteries to feed exterior outlets.


Álvaro Beltrán, Onyx Solar's General Manager and Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce

During the meeting celebrated in Washington, D.C., Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce showed his satisfaction when learning first hand how fast Building Integrated Photovoltaics has evolved, thanks to the development of new, innovative technologies that in addition to generating clean and free energy, offer a great variety of designs that facilitate its integration within almost any application. “R&D Investment, innovative entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energies, and the commitment of the U.S. society with the environment, will be key factors in reaching a more sustainable growth and to increase the country’s energy independence”, stated DAS Verde when he learned about a new company expanding into the US market.

Thus, the innovation and efficiency showed by Onyx Solar´s solutions have awoken the interest of the Obama Administration in its bet towards distributed generation and the development of renewable energies: “we should encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the generation and distribution of energy actively, in order to promote energy efficiency”, DAS Verde noted.

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