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Onyx Solar will participate in the remodeling of the Union City Rapid Transit Station, in San Francisco. The company will supply a semitransparent photovoltaic glass who will be incorporated into the canopies of the new building. The Sation is included in the BART system (Bay Area Rapid Transit) which operates with five lines across 167 km with 43 stations in four counties. This system has more than 320.000 users in weekdays, being the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

The company reached an agreement last week with the contractor in order to take part of the project. Onyx will participate in the first stage of the project, aimed to readapt the current station to make it more accessible to all transports, from pedestrians to bicycles and cars.

The Project in Union City will be the first in USA for Onyx Solar, which expects to grow rapidly in that market due to the awareness of the necessity of a more sustainable building model that most American architects have. Thus, last June the Spanish company opened its first office in USA (New York) and it is already working on the design stage of several projects with some of the largest architectural offices such as Gensler, KPF or SOM.

Onyx Solar’s commitment toward green building in undeniable. Thus, from the beginning it has worked side by side with the US Green Building Council, the institution promoting the sector in the US and the creator of the LEED certification. That’s why the company will be exhibiting during the next edition of the GreenBuild Expo, who will take place in Chicago from Novermber, 17th to 19th.

The wind city will gather the largest companies in the World involved in the green building movement as it’s a must attend trade show for the sector. Apart from that, architects from architects offices from the States and abroad will get to the McCormick Place to know firsthand the latest trends in sustainable building.

For those interested in knowing more about Onyx Solar’s latest products, you can visit the company’s booth, number 2697 during the event.

Lunch & Learn in KPF office in New York

For some time now the American market do nothing but surprise us. Early this year, when we decided to exhibit in the largest and most important trade show for architects in the US we started broadening our contacts there in order to better prepare our participation on the event. On the one hand, we started developing a net of representatives there; on the other we contacted some of the most important architect studies with headquarters in the US.

The feedback we obtained was the same from both sides: a huge interest in what we do. Sometimes together with some ignorance, which is normal given the innovative features of the product, but always accompanied with curiosity and responsiveness. We are now doubtless that the US is one of the most receptive markets to the green and innovative, and thus we are focusing our efforts on that country.

Onyx Solar CEO and CTO have just come back from the US where they met architects from KPF, SOM, Gensler, URS or HOK, among others. These architects have designed some of the most iconic buildings in the World such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) of New York, the Sears tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago or the World Financial Center in Shanghai. And the feelings are the same: interest, a lot of interest in what we have to offer. That’s why we don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank all of them for receiving us and his enthusiasm. In the future we expect to work with them in some of those building they keep designing all over the World and that have made them the best in their category.

At Onyx Solar we are lucky to have an excellent team of professionals in each department. Human resources are the roots for any successful company and we know it. Within these professionals we have a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a large experience within the PV sector and more precisely, in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), regardless his youth. This knowledge has been acknowledged (sorry about that) by companies and institutions organizing conferences within our sector of activity and they have invited our CTO to their events in order to spread that “wisdom”.

Del Caño during a conference in Hong Kong

Del Caño during a conference in Hong Kong

Thus, PhD. Del Caño has participated in conferences organized by Expansión, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), Brasil and Colombia Green Building Councils and lately, Hong Kong’s Architects Institute. And we appreciate this events in a special manner as we are aware we are working in an incipient, not yet developed sector where there is still a lot of unknown issues. That’s why we consider this promotion/dissemination events as key activities, and that’s why we want to share this presentations with all of you.

Today we have uploaded the presentation our CTO prepared for the “Paving the Way for BIPV” conference organized by the EPIA last week in Madrid. We are waiting for the organization to send us also the video, which we will upload into our YouTube channel in the next days. And we do all of this to listen to your comments, thoughts, feelings…so let us know what do you think.

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