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Bursagaz, one of the main companies in the natural gas sector in Turkey, has opted for integrating Onyx Solar®’s photovoltaic glass in its new headquarters, which has obtained the LEED Gold certification.


Onyx Solar® has provided the building with a touch of originality by integrating a double skin of photovoltaic glass in the form of a mosaic, which is superimposed on the façade. The 315 amorphous silicon glass modules, measuring 500 mm x 700 mm, have a degree of transparency of 20% (L vision), enabling the uniform passage of light into the building and thus reducing the need for artificial lighting, as well as filtering out harmful UV and IR radiation.

This is a 4.1 kWp installation, generating approximately 3,400 kWh per year, to be used for building’s self-consumption, preventing the release of CO2 as well as other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Porcelanosa Group is exposing the versatility of XXI century tiles on an exhibition where concepts such as sustainability and innovation make a completely new sense. The International Tile, Kitchen and Bathroom Show, which will be open for the whole week, will be visited by 12.000 attendees from 40 different countries, according to the forecasts.

But perhaps the most remarkable milestone is Porcelanosa´s bet for renewable energies, which focuse a big part of the companies research efforts. Also during the Show, Butech will inaugurate its new installations in which the company have implemented cutting edge construction systems as well as the latest developments in renewable energies implementation.

Thus, Butech’s new administrative building will be Spain´s first offices bulding implementing a geothermal energy system, generating power to satisfy the building needs for heating, hot water, and reducing electricity consumption by as much as a 70%. And last, but not least, Onyx Solar has designed for Butech a PV ventilated façade which takes advantage of Solar energy to produce electricity, and is developing a pavement whith the same features.

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