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Actualidad Económica Awards“Actualidad Económica”, one of the more prestigious business magazines of Spain, has selected Onyx Solar as the Best New Company in its biannual awards that recognize Business Success of companies on both national and international level.

The jury evaluated “the splendid evolution of the company and its expansion since it was founded” to choose Onyx Solar, which confirms our company’s exceptional performance on an innovative sector such as BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), positioning Onyx Solar as a benchmark in this field.

Other companies also awarded are Gadea Grupo Farmacéutico, Queserías Entrepinares, Renault and its electric-car Twizzy, Matarromera Winery, Proconsi, Grupo Norte and Leche Tierra de Sabor.

About Actualidad Económica

Spanish Economic and Business magazine published by Unión Editorial (“El Mundo”, “Expansión”, “Marca”) was founded in 1958 under the name “La Económica” and, after being weekly more than 50 years, since 2010 compiles business and economic news and features on a monthly basis. “Actualidad Económica” current print run of almost 40.000 copies makes it one of the main economic magazines in Spain.

If an architect’s intentions and restrictions could be worn on his perverbial sleeve,  then the Cabinet Home would be a good example.   Rintala Eggertsson Architects is led by the partnership between Sami, whose artistic view of architecture pertains to narrative along with conceptualism, and Dagur, who experiments with different ideas in building tectonics and making full scale architectonic objects. Together they have created a transportable one bedroom home with a minimalist aesthetic, equipped with a rooftop terrace that overlooks a small garden, collects rainwater, and solar energy for its habitants. Read More>>>

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