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This ambitious project follows the standards set by Onyx Solar of the continuous perfectionism and differentiation of its photovoltaic glass for buildings. Through the European project PVISITES (Horizon 2020) it will be shown, in real scale, an ambitious portfolio of systems and technologies, providing a powerful and reliable response to the market needs.


On January 28 and 29 this project will be launched with a first meeting with the partners in Bilbao, at the facilities of TECNALIA, the Technological Centre coordinating the project.

Onyx Solar and Tesla were selected by the prestigious Popular Science magazine as one of the best technologies of 2015 in the field of energy worldwide


Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar created the first transparent glass that can generate free and clean electricity from the sun, and this has served to be awarded this important recognition. On the other hand, Tesla developed a new generation of batteries that allow a more efficient storage of the energy produced from the glass

Popular Science magazine is at the forefront of science and technology, with more than 7 million monthly readers. In the magazine’s words: “they standout for being brilliant, revolutionary, and setting future trend”.

The Pyramid of Science with its hexagonal photovoltaic glass by Onyx Solar has been awarded by the well-known magazine ENR as the Best Sustainable Project in Colorado of 2015


Solar citiesThe Pyramid of Science, in the Denver Botanic Gardens, is a pyramidal shaped building. In it, Onyx Solar has integrated hexagonal photovoltaic glass with crystalline silicon, 100% custom-made.

ENR ((Engineering News Record), is the most important construction magazine worldwide, and belongs to the McGraw Hill Group and Standard and Poor’s.

Onyx Solar photovoltaic glazing in skylights proves to be a high profitability investment worldwide with short paybacks


Solar citiesThe use of Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass in skylights generates an average annual IRR greater than 60. Payback time for this type of installations is always less than 3 years, affixing an energy cost lower than 0.03 dollars for the next 30 years.

Check in our ROI Map the Feasibility Study of a photovoltaic skylight in your city. If you do not find the city you are looking for, please contact us.

Solar citiesThe US Congress has approved the extension of 30% solar investment tax credits (ITC) till 2019. These incentives give the owners of a solar installation a 30% tax credit for the total cost of their solar system, which will promote the adoption of this renewable energy in the US.

Investment in photovoltaic energy in the US is already highly attractive, especially in photovoltaic glass integrated into buildings, which provides a return on investment as high as 100% with a payback period of a few months.


In its first year, the project Advanced BIPV has allowed Onyx Solar the optimization and continued improvement of its photovoltaic glass. This is translating into a more transparent and larger glass


HORIZONTE 2020 - Onyx Solar

Without question, the first great success was the acceptance of the ambitious proposal of Onyx Solar to the invitation of Instrument SME PHASE II (This was in Oct. 2014, and to this invitation 580 proposals were summited, coming from the most innovative SMEs companies across Europe, where Onyx Solar was the only Castilian company selected with its Advanced BIPV model).

With this proposal, Onyx Solar reinforces its positioning at the forefront of innovation at a European level through the development of a new generation of photovoltaic glass with optimized characteristics regarding its presentation, mechanical resistance, and high vision glass performance.

Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic solutions are the perfect match for the new climate agreement signed in Paris during the month of December in the UN Climate Conference in Paris COP21


Onyx Solar

The agreement was adopted by 200 countries to fight against climate change and create a 100% renewable energy model.

Companies like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, and Novartis are already contributing to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and taking better care of our planet, thanks to the bioclimatic solutions of Onyx Solar. These solutions also yield great return on the investment, and energy savings of up to 100%..

The Dubai Frame is the most impressive building in the city, rising 150 meters by 105 of width, and with a rectangular shape right in the middle of Zabeel Park in Dubai


MarcoFotoPrincipal2Onyx Solar has participated in this project with a 1200 m2 facade integration in amorphous silicon
. The glass, in golden color, is a triple laminated glass, 20% transparency level, and a total installed power of 38 kWp.

The Dubai Frame is strategically located, and allows all its visitors to enjoy the views of all the other architectonical monuments in the city in a unique setting. It is considered one of the new world attractions of 2015, and won the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture award in 2009.

Onyx Solar´s photovoltaic glass will transform Tanjong Pagar building so it is capable of producing its own energy from the Sun.


This Project will be concluded mid-2016, and is a new mixed-use tower that will have offices, residences, and commercial and hospitality facilities right in the center of Singapore’s financial district.

The building will have 64 stories designed by the prestigious architectural firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) and it is been developed by the Korean multinational company Samsung. It has been projected to achieve the Greenmark accreditation, as well as LEED Platinum certificate, and the project is a clear example of Singapore´s spectacular growth and clear bet for sustainability.

Even more, the project has been awarded the WAN AWARD (Mixed Awards 2014) in the category of “Future Projects”.

Onyx Solar has executed together with the General Contractor-GH Phipps- the installation of the Science Pyramid in Denver, Colorado


Denver Botanic Gardens

The Project with pyramidal shape is comprised of hexagonal photovoltaic glass using crystalline silicon with a 100% customized design.

After completion of the project, Onyx Solar interviewed some of the involved firms in the execution of it: the designer of the façade, the architect, the GC and the owners.

“When we needed hexagonal photovoltaic glass, Onyx was the only company that could produce it“…”Work with them was great”. Adam Tormohlen, PM, special projects of GH Phipps

“Capacity of generate energy from the sun and aesthetics blend together in a unique product”. William P. Babbington, Studio NYL.

To read the full interview click here.

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