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Coimbatore is home of India’s highest ranking Green Building rated by GBCI under LEED (New Construction v2009), the 2nd in the world: the “Sierra eFacility” building. It scored 103 points out of 110 points in the LEED-NC rating system. It combines transparent photovoltaic glass manufactured by Onyx Solar (1245×635 mm glass units) with conventional glass, achieving an aesthetic and functional result.




Sierra eFacility offers a peak into how the buildings of the future should be. It will be operating at Net Zero Energy and is fully Carbon Neutral in overall operations. It also uses environmentally friendly building materials and high-performance glass, such as Onyx Solar’s PV glass, which not only is aesthetically pleasing but also generates free and clean electricity from the sun, improves the building’s energy efficiency and filters harmful radiation. And it doesn’t obstruct the view!

The most sustainable building in the Northern Hemisphere, located in Valladolid (Spain), also integrates transparent photovoltaic glass manufactured by Onyx Solar. To our company, it is an honor to be part of these green buildings, an example of environment-responsible construction.


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