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Human Resources is one of the most valuable assets in Onyx Solar. Once again, it is demonstrated by its Chief Technical Officer, Ph.D. Teodosio del Cano, who has been invited to participate in the Salamanca Social Sciences Festival. Thanks to his wide experience, he has collaborated in many panels and conferences worldwide, sharing his knowledge with all attendees.Salamanca Social Science Festival

At this time, Teodosio will have the honour to be part of the “Salamanca Social Sciences Festival: Social Sciences, what for? The little that we know and all what we do not”. This is the title for the panel where he will speak together with Nobel Prize Awarded Douglas C. North, Finn E. Kydland and Eric S. Maskin, among others.

All these worldwide experts will try to discover how social sciences can contribute to the understanding of current phase we are set up within world history. On Saturday, 8th of October at 12:00PM, Teodosio will share his experience and vision, as well as he will bring some light to this topic, through a speech titled “Networks, finances and innovation: the capitalism of the nearest future”.

The event, which spreads scientific knowledge worldwide, is promoted by Fedea and it is focused on social sciences and economy. From 6 to 9th of October, Salamanca will be a meeting point for professionals, students and society, where the most brilliant researchers will explain the importance of social sciences for society.

Please, click here for the complete program

We have written many times about the importance of India for Onyx Solar as a priority marketplace. The country’s great potential and its growth in the last years, plus the Government’s commitment to foster renewable energies have convinced us that we will hear a lot of India in the upcoming years.

Thus the efforts of institutions such as The Euro-India Centre, which promotes the cooperation between Europe and India, are very important to us. Even more if those efforts are focused in bolstering the development of more sustainable cities, as it occurred in the last summit held in Halle, Germany, titled “City Vision: Reinventing Dynamic and Sustainable Cities”.

Our Chief Technical Officer, PhD Teodosio del Caño, was once again invited to participate as speaker during the conferences and working sessions which took place at the City Hall. He has the opportunity to speak about the last developments in Building Integrated Photovoltaics in front of dozens of entrepreneurs from both, India and Europe, showing that Onyx Solar has established itself as a reference within the sector.

At Onyx Solar we are lucky to have an excellent team of professionals in each department. Human resources are the roots for any successful company and we know it. Within these professionals we have a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a large experience within the PV sector and more precisely, in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), regardless his youth. This knowledge has been acknowledged (sorry about that) by companies and institutions organizing conferences within our sector of activity and they have invited our CTO to their events in order to spread that “wisdom”.

Del Caño during a conference in Hong Kong

Del Caño during a conference in Hong Kong

Thus, PhD. Del Caño has participated in conferences organized by Expansión, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), Brasil and Colombia Green Building Councils and lately, Hong Kong’s Architects Institute. And we appreciate this events in a special manner as we are aware we are working in an incipient, not yet developed sector where there is still a lot of unknown issues. That’s why we consider this promotion/dissemination events as key activities, and that’s why we want to share this presentations with all of you.

Today we have uploaded the presentation our CTO prepared for the “Paving the Way for BIPV” conference organized by the EPIA last week in Madrid. We are waiting for the organization to send us also the video, which we will upload into our YouTube channel in the next days. And we do all of this to listen to your comments, thoughts, feelings…so let us know what do you think.

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