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Rushlight Events awards organizations that are leading the way in clean technology innovation and sustainable solutions.

The Rushlights Awards recognize the hard work towards sustainable innovations carried on by all the candidates that participate in this yearly event. This organization is one of the leading provider of key events in this sector with major cleantech stakeholders.rushlight-awards

Onyx Solar® was honoured with the Rushlight Solar Award in this year’s ceremony. The organization recognized the company’s path as the lider in the building integrated photovoltaic glass sector.

Onyx Solar©’s glass is able to completely offset all the energy demand for indoor climatization



Onyx Solar© produces the first and only transparent glass capable of generating free and clean energy from the sun on-site. Its outstanding passive properties insulate the buildings both termically and acoustically, greatly decreasing the energy demand for climatization, while filtering harmful solar radiation.

Considering that buildings account for 38% percent of global CO2 emissions and 73% of electricity consumption, Onyx Solar©’s glass is positioned as the main ally to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs within buildings.

Marriott Hotels incorporate Onyx Solar®’s PV glass. The design with Onyx  has almost no limits.


california_hotalOnyx Solar®´s photovoltaic glass has been integrated in an oval-shaped photovoltaic roof, located at the Marriott hotel in Imperial Beach, California. Soorya Unlimited installed the crystalline silicon glass, custom-designed with more than 55 different shapes, to achieve this great aesthetic appearance.

The integrated solution has contributed to the building being awarded the LEED Silver environmental certificate. It will also enable the generation of 58,500 kWh annually, destined for the building’s self-consumption, thereby preventing the emission of 39 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Onyx Solar combines once again design, sustainability and profitability.

Marriots Hotels joins the RevolutiOnyx!

The photovoltaic integration undertaken by Onyx Solar® constitutes the main source of energy generation for covering the building’s demands.



Onyx Solar® finished in March the installation of two photovoltaic façades (east and west) which can produce a yearly energy output of 10,686 kWh, as well as reducing energy demand by improving the thermal and acoustic insulation properties related to the building envelope.

These features are part of a bioclimatic design strategy allowing this building to achieve a LEED Platinum certification.


This photovoltaic skylight represents a multifunctional solution by generating free electricity from the Sun on-site and adding bioclimatic properties to the building; in this way, it allows day-lighting, it filters harmful UV and IR radiation and it provides thermal inner comfort. The avoidance of premature ageing of materials will extend its lifespan.

This 2,900 SqF PV transparent skylight combines three different types of  a-Si , see-through IG Unit. A total of 110 units provide 6,750 Wp installed.

Self-consumption has been the energy management business model selected for the project, so part of the energy generated feeds the building straight away, and the remaining part is stored in batteries to feed exterior outlets.


Álvaro Beltrán, Onyx Solar's General Manager and Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce

During the meeting celebrated in Washington, D.C., Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce showed his satisfaction when learning first hand how fast Building Integrated Photovoltaics has evolved, thanks to the development of new, innovative technologies that in addition to generating clean and free energy, offer a great variety of designs that facilitate its integration within almost any application. “R&D Investment, innovative entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energies, and the commitment of the U.S. society with the environment, will be key factors in reaching a more sustainable growth and to increase the country’s energy independence”, stated DAS Verde when he learned about a new company expanding into the US market.

Thus, the innovation and efficiency showed by Onyx Solar´s solutions have awoken the interest of the Obama Administration in its bet towards distributed generation and the development of renewable energies: “we should encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the generation and distribution of energy actively, in order to promote energy efficiency”, DAS Verde noted.

Onyx Solar and Autodesk have agreed for the former to become CleanTech Partner of the latter. The company developing photovoltaic constructive materials has become the first in Spain, and one of few in Europe, to formalize this strategic partnership with architecture’s software giant.

With this agreement, Onyx will work with Autodesk on the development of new solutions combining the powerful design software together with the technical knowledge of Onyx Solar multidisciplinary team. This recognition comes as a recognition for our work in many ways. On one hand, Autodesk has selected Onyx among thousands of companies willing to get this partnership, acknowledging our commitment toward sustainable building. On the other hand, being the first ones in Spain to achieve it allows us to stand as pioneers on the sustainable building and photovoltaic constructive materials development sector.

Last 23rd of November, Onyx Solar received his award for Young Businessman category, which was hosted by the Castilla-Leon Autonomous Government, through the Youth Institute.

The ceremony took place at the Zamora Principal Theater and was attended by many regional authorities.

As we announced last November, OnyxSolar has been awarded as THE BEST START-UP within the first edition of “Castilla-Leon Innovators Awards” hosted by Unidad Editorial. The award ceremony took place on November the 20th, 2010 at the Valladolid Science Museum with the presence of many politicians and businessmen, including the Castilla-Leon´s President, Juan Vicente Herrera, who closed the ceremony.

For its part, OnyxSolar was represented by Teodosio del Caño, CTO, and Alvaro Beltrán, CEO, who received the award from Eva Martinez, manager of Castilla-Leon´s newspaper EL MUNDO.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

“Green architecture, arguably the biggest single movement in the field since the emergence of modernism a century ago”. The last blog post of the Los Angeles Times journalist Christopher Hawthorne is devastating. And the comment comes to justify his critics to a survey undertaken by Vanity Fair to determine the most iconic architectural work in the last 30 years, which didn’t take into account sustainable building. Thus, among more than 50 prestigious architects including Foster, Gehry, Hadid or Pelli; the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao finished in the first place.

The Adam Joseph Lewis Center de Oberlín (Ohio)

As a response to that ranking, Architecture Magazine published his own survey which only considered green buildings. The winner? The Adam Joseph Lewis Center in Oberlín (Ohio), designed by William McDonough + Partners, followed by the California Academy of Sciences of Renzo Piano. It’s odd that the Italian architect is the only one alongside Foster that has two buildings in the ranking.

Hawthorne’s article is not only interesting for checking the results of the surveys but also to put in context both rankings, and the phrase with which we started this post makes us really happy as we feel we are participating in this green movement which is becoming more and more important.

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