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Onyx Solar® will attend one of the most important exhibitions in the field of photovoltaics: Solar Power International, which will take place in Las Vegas, United States, from September 12 to 15.


With more than 600 exhibitors, Solar Power International is one of the highlights of the solar energy sector for this 2016. Thousands of attendees will have the opportunity to check the new developments presented by Onyx Solar® at our stand, which will be integrated within the ICEX pavilion.

Onyx Solar® already enjoys great recognition in the United States; among other accolades, they were awarded “Most Innovative Glass 2015” by the National Glass Association, for their low-emissive photovoltaic glass.

See you at booth # W819!

Coinciding with the fulfillment of the ARTESUN project´s first year (November), the third Project Meeting took place at Corning headquarters in Avon, France

Trade ShowFunded  by the European Comission through its Seventh Framework Programme, ARTESUN Project aims to develop organic  photovoltaic  solar cells (OPV) through the implementation of three full-scale prototypes. To do this, Onyx Solar will set up a prototype in which third generation photovoltaic technology for buildings will be tested. To that end, modules will be composed of an organic photovoltaic cells and will be integrated on to a facade with the two previous generations (crystalline and amorphous sillicons), to compare their performances.




This photovoltaic skylight represents a multifunctional solution by generating free electricity from the Sun on-site and adding bioclimatic properties to the building; in this way, it allows day-lighting, it filters harmful UV and IR radiation and it provides thermal inner comfort. The avoidance of premature ageing of materials will extend its lifespan.

This 2,900 SqF PV transparent skylight combines three different types of  a-Si , see-through IG Unit. A total of 110 units provide 6,750 Wp installed.

Self-consumption has been the energy management business model selected for the project, so part of the energy generated feeds the building straight away, and the remaining part is stored in batteries to feed exterior outlets.


Álvaro Beltrán, Onyx Solar's General Manager and Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce

During the meeting celebrated in Washington, D.C., Juan Verde, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce showed his satisfaction when learning first hand how fast Building Integrated Photovoltaics has evolved, thanks to the development of new, innovative technologies that in addition to generating clean and free energy, offer a great variety of designs that facilitate its integration within almost any application. “R&D Investment, innovative entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energies, and the commitment of the U.S. society with the environment, will be key factors in reaching a more sustainable growth and to increase the country’s energy independence”, stated DAS Verde when he learned about a new company expanding into the US market.

Thus, the innovation and efficiency showed by Onyx Solar´s solutions have awoken the interest of the Obama Administration in its bet towards distributed generation and the development of renewable energies: “we should encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the generation and distribution of energy actively, in order to promote energy efficiency”, DAS Verde noted.

Are you dealing with any project where you intend to incorporate a double skin, a curtain wall or a skylight? Onyx Solar offers you the opportunity to add photovoltaic properties to your building envelope without any aesthetical limitation.SAN ANTON’S PHOTOVOLTAIC SKYLIGHT

Onyx Solar places a multidisciplinary, vast team at your disposal, who already works in more than 300 projects over more than 20 countries, meeting customer needs.

Its customized solutions will let your building envelope to generate free and clean electricity from the Sun, allowing energy savings, daylighting and thermal inner comfort, among others. All them by using 100% customized designs, colours, sizes, thicknesses or semi-transparency degrees.

Send us your project’s drawings and we will draw up a complete appraisal, containing a proposition of implementation of this cutting edge technology, resulting in a high performance envelope. It has never been so easy, smart, attainable and fun integrating solar photovoltaic energy into a building.

Onyx Solar gets awarded by “Enterprise & Finance”A new award is arriving at Onyx Solar’s HQ shelves. The leading media company has recognized the company´s path towards the development of state-of-the-art photovoltaic constructive solutions, as well as all its efforts carried out in the field of R&D activities. “Enterprise & Finance” awarded Onyx Solar -together with some other leading companies- during its Awards Dinner.

Ventilated Photovoltaic Skylight for a City Hall in Spain

Ventilated Photovoltaic Skylight for a City Hall in Spain

The work for the installation of a ventilated photovoltaic skylight at Alzira’s City Hall, in Valencia, are about to finish. It’s an skylight with perimetral ventilation of the interior yard being covered.

A total of 48 semi-transparent modules have been necessary for an area of 115 m2. It’s a triple laminated glass without air chamber, that allows the trespassing of 10% of the daylight facilitating natural illumination and repelling UV and infrared rays; thus improving inner comfort.

The total installed power is 5kWp and it will generate more than 6.000 kWh a year, avoiding the emission to the atmosphere of more than five tons of CO2.

The photovoltaic estimation tool, one of the most useful resources for Onyx Solar’s website visitors, is now available also for USA. In a really simple way, this development allows to select a location within the country and considering the weather, solar irradiation, orientation and other factors, calculate on an estimative way how Onyx Solar solutions would perform in each particular project.

Until now, the tool was only available for Europe, Africa and Middle East, but due to the large amount of requests received from North America we have upgraded it.

These calculations, however, must be considered as estimative and in any case as conclusive. For a more detailed and precise study, professional tools as the ones used by Onyx Solar technical department should be used.

Onyx Solar photovoltaic pergola in Madrid

Onyx Solar photovoltaic pergola in Madrid

Onyx Solar has just concluded a new project in the Primavera Center for Elder people, in Coslada (Madrid). The company specialized in the development of photovoltaic building materials has installed a photovoltaic pergola able to generate free and clean electricity from the Sun.

The installation has a total intervention area of 74 sqm (796 sqf), and is made up of 48 photovoltaic modules with 90 Wp power each. The pergola will generate nearly 5340 kWh a year, thus avoiding the emission of 3,5 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year. The intervention also includes two 2,5 kW inverters and the total installed power for the pergola is 4,32 kWp.

This installation is the second one for Onyx Solar in Madrid, after completing a semi-transparent photovoltaic skylight in the San Anton Market. In addition to that, the company is involved in around 200 projects in more than 30 different countries.

One of the main goals of the European Union is to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions to the environment and to stimulate the design of more energy efficient buildings.  In order to achieve that some objectives have been established for the upcoming years, and companies, institutions and individuals showing this same commitment are being awarded.

Among those recognized actors is Onyx Solar, selected as an official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign for its photovoltaic skylight in the San Anton Market (Madrid). The project avoid the emission of 5 tons of CO2 a year by integrating a PV glass into the roof, adding a 20% degree of semi transparency to the glass in order to permit daylight to get into the building.

The program’s goal is to showcase activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Concretely the focus is on spreading best practice in sustainable energy technology, build alliances and inspire new energy ideas and actions.

With this award, the photovoltaic skylight will be promoted in 450 events through the year 2011, including the “Energy Days” held each year in Brussels gathering the most renowned professionals within the sector worldwide. In addition to that, the project will be nominated for the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2011.

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