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Solar energy could be the world’s largest source of energy by 2050. According to data from GTM Research and published by the World Economic Forum, the rapid adoption of solar power could mean that its global gigawatt capacity could rival that of nuclear power by the end of 2017.




Although nuclear energy is still well ahead of solar in terms of electricity generated, Solar growth is unstoppable. The International Energy Agency projects that solar could become the world’s largest source of energy by 2050 due to its falling cost and increasing convenience.

Nowadays there are many different solutions for those who choose solar energy as their source of energy. The most innovative one is the photovoltaic glass, like the transparent one manufactured by Onyx Solar. Its architectural characteristics enable its installation instead of conventional glass, no matter the constructive solution. It can be in a skylight, canopy, curtain wall, ventilated façade… even in the floor!

Companies such as Coca-Cola/FEMSA, Novartis or Heineken are already saving money and energy thanks to Onyx Solar’s PV glass. There is no excuse to switch to solar. Do you join us?


Onyx Solar is the Global Leader in PV Glass for buildings. We customize our product to the needs of every project. With over 140 projects around the world, we are the most awarded company of PV Glass. Contact us for more information!



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