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The Technical University of Mohammed VI in Morocco will feature a photovoltaic canopy within the Ville Verte Ben Guerir project.

photovoltaic canopy

The project, designed by architects Ricardo Bofill and Elie Mouyal will count on a large photovoltaic pergola at the entrance. Thanks to an integration area of 590 sqm it will reach 90 kWp of power installed.

This project is part of the OCP development plan “Green Cities”. The “Mohammed VI Green City” Ben Guerir project consists of a newly built urban development focusing on education, innovation, environment and sustainable development of over 1,000 hectares. This new city with a capacity to accommodate 90,000 inhabitants includes ratios of 20 m² of green space per inhabitant.

New construction standards and regulations are pushing the building envelope towards more efficient designs, as well as the usage of smart glazing to enhance the overall performance of the building in terms of energy consumption and self-generation.

AGC and Onyx Solar

AGC North America has recently signed a cooperation agreement in order to promote and sale photovoltaic glass manufactured by Onyx Solar.

AGC North America is a leading glass fabricator in the US with an annual turnover over $12 billion.

This new strategic alliance in the United States will further ease the access to the Onyx Solar smart glazing products and help reducing operating and maintenance costs for buildings.


Punta Arenas

Onyx Solar reaches a new milestone with its first project in Chile, specifically in Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the Americas.

The health centre located in the capital of Chilean Antarctica will incorporate a curtain wall counting on photovoltaic mono-crystalline silicon technology, laminated, safety glass. That will make the center a more efficient and sustainable building.

Despite the low solar radiation in this area and thanks to the efficiency of Onyx Solar’s solutions, the curtain wall will generate approximately 35 kWh per year and per sqm from the sun.

The project will be executed in collaboration with the Chilean construction company Salfa Corp, one of the major companies in Chile with presence in several Latin American countries.

photovoltaic ventilated façadOnyx Solar photovoltaic ventilated façade offers, among its many other advantages, the possibility of reducing by 50% the cooling requirements of buildings compared to traditional facade isolation systems.

The study carried out by the University of the Basque Country in collaboration with the Construction Quality Control Laboratory of the Basque Government, reveals that Onyx Solar photovoltaic facade has a particularly significant cooling performance during the warmest months.

This is a remarkable fact since approximately 40% of the world population lives in warm areas. This reduction in cooling needs in buildings represents an important energy saving precisely where it is most needed, in the buildings of our cities, which are responsible for at least 40% of the global energy consumption.

Please, for further information about the study click here.


Unique in its kind, Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glasses marked trend in the Hall of Innovation.

In order to consolidate its presence in the North American market, Onyx Solar attended Glassbuild America 2014, one of the largest glass industry annual events worldwide.

Please, to see the interview with Diego Cuevas, Head of Onyx Solar America, click here.

Press Clipping


Turner Construction

Due to the high quality of the photovoltaic glasses added and the excellent installation performed, allow the system to produce 17% more than estimated, thus the skylight is producing 328.000 kWh/year facing 272.000 KWh/year calculated.

It’s been a year since Onyx Solar completed the execution of this project, the largest glass photovoltaic skylight in the world. Its 2500 m2 of photovoltaic glass are part of the new Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ headquarters in New Jersey, United States.

According to William De Pasquale, Turner Construction Project Manager, “it was a turnkey project developed really fast; Onyx Solar did an outstanding job and finished product despite the complicated weather conditions. I do recommend counting on this firm for highly specialized in Building Integrated Photovoltaics solutions.


 Onyx Solar has been awarded by Assembly of European Regions with the most innovative project prize thanks to our breakthrough in building integration photovoltaics.

Assembly of European Regions (AER) is the biggest independent network of regions in Europe. It concentrates more than 270 regions from 33 different countries and 13 international organizations.


From 21st to 24th October, Onyx Solar will exhibit its innovative solutions at Glasstec, the most important glass industry fair worldwide, in Düsseldorf.

Onyx Solar will take this opportunity to give a speech about its photovoltaic glass solutions and its innovative photovoltaic walkable floor at the Engineered Transparency International Conference.

Please, visit us at Hall 11-G46.


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