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The retrofit of the Terina Mediterranean Foundation’s Buildings, in Calabria, will count on more than 3.000 Sqm of colored photovoltaic glass

Lamezia Terme

This unique architectural work represents an important milestone for Onyx Solar, because of the wide range of building integrated photovoltaic solutions that will be gathered under the same complex, counting on the amorphous Silicon thin film glass manufactured by Onyx Solar.

Yellow and green colored photovoltaic glasses, typical that Italian region, will be integrated as part of the skylights, parking lots, walkways, floors and even an elevator with panoramic views.

The Terina Mediterranean Foundation is a centre of excellence dedicated, among other activities, to the investigation and the knowledge of the food industry through a network of relationships with Italian and other foreign universities.

Onyx Solar will carry out the integration of a new constructive solution in a hotel in Naples in collaboration with Enel Green Power, its Distributor in Italy

Photovoltaic Balustrade

This will be a benchmark project for Onyx Solar, as it will incorporate 300 semi-transparent laminated, safety glass units, creating a highly efficient photovoltaic railing, which represents a new constructive solution designed and marketed by Onyx Solar.

This brand new photovoltaic solution, which was tailor made for the customer, incorporates an anti-reflective coating and went through all the impact resistance testing successfully, so safety and views are fully guaranteed by means of this unique solution.

Thanks to the collaboration of Reconal, Onyx Solar’s official distributor in Poland, the first BiPV installation in that market is already available for visits: Reconal’s headquarters in Rzeszów, which counts on the Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass

Reconal is a Polish company operating in the European market which specializes in construction projects and the construction of aluminum-glass facades and skylights.

Onyx Solar and Reconal work together towards a common goal: improving buildings’ energy efficiency and making them more sustainable. As a anorther proof of the commitment by both parties, Reconal has integrated Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass in its headquarters. This marks the beginning of building integrated photovoltaics in Poland and a great application for customers to visit.


According to Pawel Bytnar, photovoltaic project coordinator in Reconal, “the Polish market is very interested in this cutting-edge technology“. Moreover, “It is a product with great opportunities for sustainable building projects due to its multiple benefits: free and clean energy generation from the sun, thermal and acoustic insulation, protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation and especially the economic savings in HVAC systems.”

Alex Diaz, Project Manager at West Bay Builders, who engaged Onyx Solar to develop the photovoltaic Canopy at BART Station in California, talks about his experience working with Onyx Solar in that project

“Onyx Solar has been a key partner in the integration project of the photovoltaic canopy in Union City-Bart Station after being selected to supply the specified photovoltaic glass for the project. We relied on them based on their previous experience and the excellent references of the company“.

Marquesina Fotovoltaica

This canopy is considered one of the most remarkable photovoltaic integration projects in the United States.

The 800 units of crystalline photovoltaic glass installed in the canopy generate 174,276 kWh per year and prevent the emission of 120 tons of CO2 annually.

The Genoa Ducal Palace witnessed the presentation of the European project R2CITIES in which Onyx Solar
participates along other partners such as the Cartif Foundation or Acciona


Onyx Solar went to Genoa to showcase their technological advances that will be used to renovate three neighborhoods in Valladolid (Spain), Genoa (Italy) and Kartal (Turkey).

Specifically, Onyx Solar photovoltaic ventilated façade constructive solution, based on amorphous silicon technology, will be one of the key technologies included within this high energy efficient rehabilitation project.

In parallel, the Genoa Smart Week was held and they were exposed attractive initiatives and projects for Smart Cities & Communities.

Projects and References is the new document that includes all Onyx Solar projects and major references of the company

Proyectos y referencias

The first photovoltaic façade in Mexico, for Femsa/Cola-Cola headquarters building, the world’s largest photovoltaic skylight for Novartis Pharmaceuticals headquarters in United States, or the first photovoltaic floor in the world, installed at the George Washington University are some of the outstanding projects completed by Onyx Solar.

Download the new document Projects and References and discover our innovative photovoltaic integration solutions.

BIPV is poised for dramatic growth in the next few years, with analysts at NanoMarkets predicting that the market will nearly triple by 2019.


Riding this wave and on the back of its successes overseas, Onyx Solar is taking the lead in the BIPV product & project sector in Australia.

Solar Choice, a Sydney-based residential PV system brokerage and commercial solar project tender manager, recently published an article highlighting the uniqueness and breadth of Onyx Solar’s BIPV offerings.

“Since the company’s inception in 2009, Onyx has endeavoured to develop BIPV solutions that are not only elegant and eye-catching, but also practical,” writes James Martin, analyst for Solar Choice.

“In keeping with the spirit of BIPV, the company’s focus in its product design goes beyond simple sun-powered electricity generation. Instead, the whole architectural impact of the use of their products is incorporated into their design from the inception.”

The full article can be read on Solar Choice’s blog.

Alfredo de la Rosa, FEMSA Senior Facility Manager, tells his pleasant experience with Onyx Solar

“Working with Onyx on this project has been a very good experience. Both companies have faced the challenge of developing the first photovoltaic glass façade in Mexico in a record time and the outcome has been very successful”

PV Façade

“As in any project, counting on first-class and specialized companies is a guarantee of success

We interview Enver kolac, who leads with the distribution of our products in Australia by HIFU GROUP

Enver Kolac

1. What inspired you to accept Onyx Solar’s challenge to promote and introduce its photovoltaic constructive solutions in the Australian market?

Onyx Solar is an innovative frontrunner in the research, design and development of photovoltaic glazing materials for building envelopes. Their professionalism and approach to different world markets are to be congratulated.

These technologically ground breaking products offer an aesthetically pleasing integration into any architectural application and are leading the way to a better future. Awarded with many recognitions I’m positive that the road is leading to a very successful and prosperous future.

2. Last March you have been promoting Onyx Solar solutions at The Arc Sydney event. How was your experience?

We were overwhelmed with the interest, positive feedback and enquiries regarding this new and innovative technology. Two months have passed since our first event launch in Sydney and we are still trying to catch up on all requested presentations and architectural information sessions from it. Interestingly the enquiries are coming in from all around the country, which leads us to believe that the product is doing the talking.

Enver Kolac3. It’s now been few months since you started promoting Onyx Solar’s multifunctional solutions, what is your opinion regarding the reaction of architects and designers concerning this new technology?

The Australian market regarding this new and innovative technology (a-Si) is being educated and presented with the abilities of the product. Due to these information sessions, different doors are being opened up and the architects and designers are given a diverse view of thought and brain-storming experience. Thinking outside of the box regarding the photovoltaic technology which they knew till now.

4. As you know, Onyx Solar has designed photovoltaic constructive solutions that achieve the materials and grid parity, assuring a fixed electricity tariff during 25 years, meaning almost the 50% reduction of current Australian electricity cost per Kwh. What do you think about this achievement?

Onyx Solar has achieved a great leap forward, reaching similar level of prices than conventional building materials, which are incapable of generating electricity from the sun. This allows, in countries like Australia, that Onyx Solar’s customers can generate electricity, saving a 50% of their electricity bill!

In the Australian market this is a very big leap forward and a very exciting addition towards the use of this new and innovative technology. Who wouldn’t want to see their investment be paid back while at the same time reducing the footprint of the structure on our environment. This sounds like a very positive win win situation to me.

The passion for a sustainable future and interest in technological innovation to achieve that future lead the way to Onyx Solar. I strongly believe in the saying,“we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children”. Interestingly it was an Australian Environmental Minister who first mentioned those words back in 1974 at an OECD meeting in Paris named Moses Henry Cass. 2014, 40 years later the meaning still holds valid as we should do all that we can to hand back this planet that we call home to our children so they can call it home too.

Onyx Solar is involved in the retrofit of this historical building that preserves Eiffel’s spirit thanks to its metal framework

Lucernario Fotovoltaico

Our new project in France is a photovoltaic skylight developed in collaboration with SPIE, a French company dedicated to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy facilities.

Located in Brittany, the skylight is composed by semi-transparent, low emissivity photovoltaic glasses which generates 42 kWh per sqm/year.

edificioA thin layer included in the configuration of this low emissivity photovoltaic glass enhances both the acoustic and thermal isolation and filters out the ultraviolet and infrared radiations, damaging for health. This configuration enhances thermal inner comfort while it promotes large savings in HVAC systems, also avoiding the so common greenhouse effect in glazed buildings.

Should you like to receive more information about this innovative construction material, please download here our Low-e Glass Technical Guide.


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