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This glazing shows the same characteristics than a traditional Low-E glass with the ability of generating free electricity from the sun

At Onyx Solar we know that the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed. For that reason our photovoltaic glass besides offering free electricity from the sun, provide thermal and sound insulation, filter out UV and IR harmful radiation and allow daylight.

Low-e PV Glass

Let us introduce you the main technical properties of the first Low-E photovoltaic glass in the market:

· U-Value: up to 0,13 BTU/hft2Fª ( 0,74W/m2K)
· Solar Factor or SHGC: from 10 to 40%, which makes our photovoltaic glass a perfect candidate in order to achieve a suitable balance between inner temperature and HVAC energy savings.
· Selective UV and IR Harmful Radiation Filter: it filters 85 to 95% out of the total infrared radiation and 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.
· Light Transmission: transparency levels ranging from 10 to 30%, which allow the entry of natural light.
· Exterior Reflection: from 7 to 9% Low-e PV Glass- Technical Guide

For additional information about our Low-E photovoltaic glass, we have prepared the following document, which is already available for downloading by clicking here: Low-E Photovoltaic Glass Technical Guide.

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