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Human Resources is one of the most valuable assets in Onyx Solar. Once again, it is demonstrated by its Chief Technical Officer, Ph.D. Teodosio del Cano, who has been invited to participate in the Salamanca Social Sciences Festival. Thanks to his wide experience, he has collaborated in many panels and conferences worldwide, sharing his knowledge with all attendees.Salamanca Social Science Festival

At this time, Teodosio will have the honour to be part of the “Salamanca Social Sciences Festival: Social Sciences, what for? The little that we know and all what we do not”. This is the title for the panel where he will speak together with Nobel Prize Awarded Douglas C. North, Finn E. Kydland and Eric S. Maskin, among others.

All these worldwide experts will try to discover how social sciences can contribute to the understanding of current phase we are set up within world history. On Saturday, 8th of October at 12:00PM, Teodosio will share his experience and vision, as well as he will bring some light to this topic, through a speech titled “Networks, finances and innovation: the capitalism of the nearest future”.

The event, which spreads scientific knowledge worldwide, is promoted by Fedea and it is focused on social sciences and economy. From 6 to 9th of October, Salamanca will be a meeting point for professionals, students and society, where the most brilliant researchers will explain the importance of social sciences for society.

Please, click here for the complete program

Are you dealing with any project where you intend to incorporate a double skin, a curtain wall or a skylight? Onyx Solar offers you the opportunity to add photovoltaic properties to your building envelope without any aesthetical limitation.SAN ANTON’S PHOTOVOLTAIC SKYLIGHT

Onyx Solar places a multidisciplinary, vast team at your disposal, who already works in more than 300 projects over more than 20 countries, meeting customer needs.

Its customized solutions will let your building envelope to generate free and clean electricity from the Sun, allowing energy savings, daylighting and thermal inner comfort, among others. All them by using 100% customized designs, colours, sizes, thicknesses or semi-transparency degrees.

Send us your project’s drawings and we will draw up a complete appraisal, containing a proposition of implementation of this cutting edge technology, resulting in a high performance envelope. It has never been so easy, smart, attainable and fun integrating solar photovoltaic energy into a building.

Onyx Solar gets awarded by “Enterprise & Finance”A new award is arriving at Onyx Solar’s HQ shelves. The leading media company has recognized the company´s path towards the development of state-of-the-art photovoltaic constructive solutions, as well as all its efforts carried out in the field of R&D activities. “Enterprise & Finance” awarded Onyx Solar -together with some other leading companies- during its Awards Dinner.

We are about to launch a promotional campaign among some of the best architects in the World that had asked for samples of our products. That’s why we have designed a corporate brochure about our company in order to widen the information available on our webpage, and we are now publishing it even before the architects get it. We recommend to use the “Full page” option and, of course, we are looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Onyx Solar and Butech develop first to market PV pavementOnyx Solar has collaborated with Butech, Porcelanosa’s subsidiary focused on materials and constructive systems development, in the creation of the first PV pavement which is expected to come out into the market by the end of the year. This innovative product was introduced at Porcelanosa’s Annual Show and turned out to be one of the main attractions of the fair, the largest ever in terms of attendees.

This cutting edge system, which is still in an early development stage by Onyx and Butech engineers, is made by a solar PV glass integrated over elevated ceramic and it´s completely walkable. One of its main atractives is the variety of uses and the fact that it is posible to place furnishing on it without losing space, as it happens when a conventional PV panel are installed.

This PV pavement is a really appealing product for architects as it can be integrated in any Project and environment without renouncing design and aestheticism. What is more, it combines pasive elements (avoided CO2 emmissions) with active elements (power generation) reducing remarkably the building impact on the environment.

But the PV pavement is not the only Project in which Onyx Solar is woring alongside Porcelanosa’s subsidiary. At the Show the visitors could see the PV façade developed by both companies which, unlike the pavement, is already available and being installed in projects all over the World.

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