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We have written many times about the importance of India for Onyx Solar as a priority marketplace. The country’s great potential and its growth in the last years, plus the Government’s commitment to foster renewable energies have convinced us that we will hear a lot of India in the upcoming years.

Thus the efforts of institutions such as The Euro-India Centre, which promotes the cooperation between Europe and India, are very important to us. Even more if those efforts are focused in bolstering the development of more sustainable cities, as it occurred in the last summit held in Halle, Germany, titled “City Vision: Reinventing Dynamic and Sustainable Cities”.

Our Chief Technical Officer, PhD Teodosio del Caño, was once again invited to participate as speaker during the conferences and working sessions which took place at the City Hall. He has the opportunity to speak about the last developments in Building Integrated Photovoltaics in front of dozens of entrepreneurs from both, India and Europe, showing that Onyx Solar has established itself as a reference within the sector.

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