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Human Resources is one of the most valuable assets in Onyx Solar. Once again, it is demonstrated by its Chief Technical Officer, Ph.D. Teodosio del Cano, who has been invited to participate in the Salamanca Social Sciences Festival. Thanks to his wide experience, he has collaborated in many panels and conferences worldwide, sharing his knowledge with all attendees.Salamanca Social Science Festival

At this time, Teodosio will have the honour to be part of the “Salamanca Social Sciences Festival: Social Sciences, what for? The little that we know and all what we do not”. This is the title for the panel where he will speak together with Nobel Prize Awarded Douglas C. North, Finn E. Kydland and Eric S. Maskin, among others.

All these worldwide experts will try to discover how social sciences can contribute to the understanding of current phase we are set up within world history. On Saturday, 8th of October at 12:00PM, Teodosio will share his experience and vision, as well as he will bring some light to this topic, through a speech titled “Networks, finances and innovation: the capitalism of the nearest future”.

The event, which spreads scientific knowledge worldwide, is promoted by Fedea and it is focused on social sciences and economy. From 6 to 9th of October, Salamanca will be a meeting point for professionals, students and society, where the most brilliant researchers will explain the importance of social sciences for society.

Please, click here for the complete program

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