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Marriott Hotels incorporate Onyx Solar®’s PV glass. The design with Onyx  has almost no limits.


california_hotalOnyx Solar®´s photovoltaic glass has been integrated in an oval-shaped photovoltaic roof, located at the Marriott hotel in Imperial Beach, California. Soorya Unlimited installed the crystalline silicon glass, custom-designed with more than 55 different shapes, to achieve this great aesthetic appearance.

The integrated solution has contributed to the building being awarded the LEED Silver environmental certificate. It will also enable the generation of 58,500 kWh annually, destined for the building’s self-consumption, thereby preventing the emission of 39 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Onyx Solar combines once again design, sustainability and profitability.

Marriots Hotels joins the RevolutiOnyx!


Onyx Solar received an award for the most sustainable material at the WSSET INNOVATION AWARDS 2016

tanjong-pagarThe contest, organized by the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies, acknowledges advancements in the development of new sustainable technologies. Onyx Solar received this accolade on behalf of improvements made on the competitiveness of building integrated photovoltaic technologies – developing a new generation of photovoltaic glass.

The award is a new landmark for Onyx Solar in Singapore, where the company has already integrated its photovoltaic glass in the tallest building in the country, the Tanjong Pagar tower, and has established an official distributor, iGlass, whose representatives picked up the award during the SET 2016 conference.

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