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Onyx Solar has participated in the reconstruction of the San Antón Market, located in Madrid city center, where a 168 sqm photovoltaic skylight has been installed. The structure has been designed with sawtooth form and is made up of 54 semitransparent photovoltaic glass of 2,5×1,2 meters. The atrium has 6 kWp installed power and will generate about 8.000 kWh a year. Even more, the atrium designed by Onyx Solar will avoid the emission of 5 tons of CO2 a year.

The new building will replace the iconic Market of San Antón and will host a traditional market, but it will also incorporate a commercial zone with several shops. And the photovoltaic skylight installed has a transparency of 20% so it will allow daylight to illuminate the market.

The Project has been completed shortly after the conclusion of the genomic center in Granada, Spain, where Onyx designed a photovoltaic ventilated façade; and the same month the company has confirmed its first project in the United States.


  1. please send your portfolio about translucent photovoltaic panels
    as digital file (pdf), per mail (max. 16 Mb)


    K. Wailzer

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  1. […] is Onyx Solar, selected as an official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign for its photovoltaic skylight in the San Anton Market (Madrid). The project avoid the emission of 5 tons of CO2 a year by integrating a PV glass into the […]

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