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COCA-COLA/FEMSA HQ in Monterrey (Mexico) integrates 400 units of Onyx Solar PV Glass in its ventilated façade. This solution improves the building’s efficiency, allows its users to see the outside and improve its aesthetics! It also protects its occupants from the extreme temperature changes.

Alfredo de la Rosa, Manager of Internal Civil Works at FEMSA, tells us about his experience with this PV façade that has allowed the building to save 35% of energy consumption.

Onyx Solar has carried out the installation of the first photovoltaic façade of Mexico, in Monterrey

FEMSA headquarters, the main and world’s largest Coca-Cola bottler, has been dressed with a new photovoltaic façade, in collaboration with Bioconstrucción, a consulting firm specialized in unique sustainable projects.

PV Façade

Mounted on a structure which is invisible from the building, the project consists of a photovoltaic second glass skin comprised of 400 units of photovoltaic glass modules in large format with a 20% transparency degree.

The project preserves the architectural and aesthetic values of the building. In addition, it generates 17,200 kWh per year and avoids the emission into the atmosphere of 7 tons of CO2 annually.

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