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ING DIRECT, the largest online bank in the world, is one more of the multiple multinational companies like Novartis, Pfizer, or Coca-Cola that have included one of Onyx Solar´s innovative solutions


The renovation done in their central offices in Madrid, includes among other sustainable solutions, the integration of a photovoltaic skylight in the central garden within the building.

Besides producing free and clean electricity from the sun and preventing 2.8 tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, such skylight allows natural light transmission to the inner courtyard, filtering 99% of UV radiation and 95% of IR radiation, preventing damages to the inside furniture, to people, and preventing the greenhouse effect so common in glass buildings.

The atrium is 2500 sqf., and the glass has a double laminated configuration using amorphous silicon technology with a 20% level of transparency. The energy generated is 10.26 MWh/year and is being used for self-consumption of the building.

Using wooden structures and its inner green areas, gives this place a sense of warmness and comfort. Moreover, the thermal and acoustical insulation of the PV glass increases this sense of comfort, and sensibly improves the thermal envelope of the building.

Juan Carlos Castillo, Director of General Services and Security of ING Bank said, “With these photovoltaic modules in the skylight we have been able to take advantage of the energy potential of this space, and we provide at the same time a pleasant vibe to anyone within it. This space has become one more example of our commitment with the environment: we have been able to achieve important savings in electricity, we do a responsible use of resources, we promote sustainable architecture, and we have a very different and innovative working place.

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