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Some time ago we talked here about our Internet presence, and more specifically about Social Media. In order to be closer to you we decided to create this blog (as well as other one in Spanish) and the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. In Twitter we had a warm reception and we are now engaged in a really interesting dialog about sustainable architecture; and the blogs receive dozens of visitors each day.

That’s why, today, we continue moving forward this way and fostering Onyx Solar 2.0 presenting our own YouTube channel. And we do it just a few days after Google’s last post about the possibilities this platform offers to companies trying to engage customers. We firmly believe it’s an excellent way to communicate with you, and thus we have prepared our first video about the sector we are working in. We hope you comment and share it, but above all, we hope you enjoy it!


  1. Dear all,

    In the video you have shown some examples of different works you have done. In these cases, the electricity production varies between 36,9 to 63,2 Wp/m2 that I understand is theoretical. The questions is, ¿Have you a comparative with real production?.

    Kind regards,

    Luis Poblete

    • Hi Luis, and thank you very much for visiting our blog. The projects in the video are under construction so we do not have data for real production yet. However, we use very powerful tools which take into account a lot of factors such as orientation, location, solar irradiation, etc so we can estimate accurately the amount of energy each project will produce. The real production shouldn’t differ from the estimated production as it’s not estimated randomly but using the most advanced tools and a team of engineers.

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