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The SML solar house, designed and built by architecture students from the Cardenal Herrera University and equipped with a PV façade from Onyx Solar for the Solar Decathlon Europe, can be visited at Venice Biennial in the Spanish Pavilion. The house, which only uses solar energy to satisfy its energy demand, was first among the Spanish universities and the most voted house by the 190.000 visitors who attended the competition held in Madrid in June.

During the competition, organized by the American Energy Department and the Spanish Housing Ministry with the participation of 17 universities from all over the World, the SML house obtained the first prize for Industrialization and Market Feasability, and was also remarked by the judges in the category “Architecture, Engineering and Innovation”. Those successes motivated the invitation to be part of the Spanish Pavilion during Venice Biennial.

Photovoltaic Conference 2010-09-06

Also during september, a scale model of the SML solar house will be exhibited at the 5th World Photovoltaic Conference. This year, the conference will be held in Valencia from September, 6th to 10th and the SML house model will be exhibited at Schneider Electric booth, as it was one of the companies sponsoring the house during the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010.

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