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Onyx Solar presents an innovative energy solution, through the photovoltaic kit for urban furniture such as benches, tables or canopies of our cities

Photovoltaic kit

This solution has been developed as an autonomous power generation system to turn ordinary conventional street furniture into electronic devices with the USB charging points.

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The fist congress for REELCOOP, an research and development project partaken by Onyx Solar, will be held in Rabat, Morocco, next April, 11th, 2014


The REELCOOP project belongs to the 7th European Comission Framework Programme and it investigates new renewable energy technologies and sources with the aim of promote cooperation among Universities, Technological Centers and private companies in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Onyx Solar participates in a consortium integrated by 15 partners lead by the Oporto University.

Among the technologies boosted by REELCOOP, photovoltaic solar energy, concentrated solar power, thermal energy, bioenergy and integrative energy network systems are the main topics to be addressed during this first international congress.

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