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The Passivhaus building standard allows the beneficiaries of these buildings to be participants of a true energy revolution with the best cost/effective ratio in the adopted measures


 PassivhausThe 17th and 18th of April in Leipzig, Germany, together with Onyx Solar, more than a hundred participants worldwide will expose different projects as examples, solutions and innovations that abide by this standard for new or renovated buildings.

Besides, looking to promote the Passivhaus standard, Onyx Solar, among others, is part of the EUROPHIT project that is financed by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy Europe Program.

The conference program is available online, and subscriptions may be done by clicking here.

The Passive House Institute, main promoter of PASSIVHAUS’ Energy Certification, will increase the quality and energy efficiency of the ENERPHIT label focused in buildings refurbishment. Passive House Institute will apply a holistic methodology “step by step” reaching every building construction stage, from the design to the execution.

Passive House Institute

In this sense, it is essential the inclusion of sustainable technologies that allows the energy self-consumption placing building integrated photovoltaic technologies as one of the most reliable clean sources, both aesthetically and efficiently.

Onyx Solar is involved in the project EUROPHIT, cofinanced by European Commission with Intelligent Energy Europe Program, through its photovoltaic glass solutions adapted to the construction standards. These materials are perfect to increase the energetic efficiency in buildings, key to reach the ambitious energetic goals established by the European Union for horizon 2020.

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