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Last week we wrote about the American market as one of the most receptive and mature in the green building sector. There are located some of the largest architectural companies, it’s home of the most active Green Building Council and has developed the LEED certification, and it seems to be recovering from last years downturn.
However, many bealive that the next decade will belong to emergent countries. They have suffered the crisis with less intensity and have the largest room for growth. And if we focus only in the renewable energies sector, India seems to have something to say in the next years. The county’s Government has implemented what they call the “Solar Mission” aimed to achieve 20 GW of installed power within 2020.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Indian Minister

And here in Onyx we know that there are great opportunities there and thus we have been always interested in that country. Last November we were invited to make up a delegation of Spanish entrepreneurs to accompany the Spanish Prince in a trade mission to India where we met several representatives of local companies and we established a joint venture with a local partner. This relationship has proved to be positive for both companies and we are at the moment exhibiting in SOLARCON India 2010. Apart from that, some months ago we were also invited to a business lunch hosted by India’s Minister of News and Renewable Energies, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, in order to know more about future perspectives for that country and its Government plans for the sector.

Solarcon India

Nowadays we are already working in projects in India as well as in other emerging markets, which shows we were right when we decided to focus efforts in those countries. They keep growing regardless the crisis and they are willing to keep moving forward in this way, always taking care of the urban environment which is one of the keys of its progress.

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