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Press Clipping

Onyx Solar has been selected as the best start-up in Castille-Leon for its participation with a photovoltaic skylight in Madrid’s Pavilion during the Universal Expo of Shanghai. Unidad Editorial, the publishing group of the second largest newspaper in Spain (El Mundo) and the largest among economic publications (Expansión), will be conceding the award.

The jury met this week in order to decide the awarded companies, and was made up by renowned personalities such as  Vidal Arranz, newspaper’s director for Castille-León; Juan Casado, one of the regional government risponsable for Science and Technology; Juan Vicente García Manjón, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes’ Vice Dean, and  Begoña Hernández, economic affairs counselor for the regional government.

Among the awarded, Salamanca’s Center of Cancer was recognized by its new treatment for mammary cancer. The jury considered that the team led by Atanasio Pandiella made relevant contributions to the treatment of the mentioned disease. The awards will be given during a ceremony which will take place on November, 29th at the Science Museum of Valladolid.

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