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A curtain wall built with Onyx Solar®’s glass in the USA is 22% less expensive than a system built with a conventional low-e glass


ip-less-30-percentThe total cost for a curtain wall built with Onyx Solar®‘s glass is 88 $/ft2, in the USA. Only 10% higher than a curtain wall built with conventional low-e glass. Moreover, any installation that includes Onyx Solar´s photovoltaic glass qualifies for the solar investment tax credits (ITC) that can be claimed on federal corporate income taxes for 30% of the total cost of the photovoltaic curtain wall.

Therefore a curtain wall with Onyx Solar®‘s glass has a real cost of just 62 $/ft2, 22% less expensive than a system built with a conventional low-e glass that is not able to generate electricity during the next 30 years.

Are you dealing with any project where you intend to incorporate a double skin, a curtain wall or a skylight? Onyx Solar offers you the opportunity to add photovoltaic properties to your building envelope without any aesthetical limitation.SAN ANTON’S PHOTOVOLTAIC SKYLIGHT

Onyx Solar places a multidisciplinary, vast team at your disposal, who already works in more than 300 projects over more than 20 countries, meeting customer needs.

Its customized solutions will let your building envelope to generate free and clean electricity from the Sun, allowing energy savings, daylighting and thermal inner comfort, among others. All them by using 100% customized designs, colours, sizes, thicknesses or semi-transparency degrees.

Send us your project’s drawings and we will draw up a complete appraisal, containing a proposition of implementation of this cutting edge technology, resulting in a high performance envelope. It has never been so easy, smart, attainable and fun integrating solar photovoltaic energy into a building.

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