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The renowned Glass Magazine picked the tool as a product spotlight in its latest edition.

The tool lets the user discoverAPP EN the advantages of employing our photovoltaic glass in lieu of conventional glazing, highlighting aspects such as savings in HVAC-dedicated energy, electricity generated, tons of CO2 that were not liberated into the atmosphere, as well as the payback and ROI figures obtained by integrating this innovative product.

You can download the tool for free from Apple Store and Play Store, or directly from our website. It will allow you to check the results for more than 140 cities all over the world, using different technologies (amorphous or crystalline silicon) and construction solutions (canopy, building envelope or skylight) in a model building.

Photovoltaic Estimation App for Smartphones

Isn’t it extraordinary that an installation measuring just 10 m2 can, over the course of a single year, generate enough electricity to power an electric car for more than 10,000 km?

In order to make these calculations we have developed a simple, intuitive photovoltaic-estimation tool which is available for free on our website and can be used on any device.

Click here if you want to check it out now

Use the screen of your Smartphone to simulate the active surface of the photovoltaic glass, and just place it in the same position that your installation would be. The results will change depending on inclination and rotation of the device. Try it out and compare results for different design purposes.

For a better understanding of the results, the app translate the estimated energy into hours of light, electric car mileage and CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the clean energy generation.

Onyx Solar app is available on both Apple and Android devices and completely free. Thus, it can get downloaded from Apple Store or Android Market.

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