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The photovoltaic integration is a great solution to achieve the green building requirement of your building. Here we show an easy example of photovoltaic integration by combination of Photovoltaic Skylight + Curtain Wall. Considering a typical office building of 1,000 sqm of use area, we can assume 180 kWh/sqm/year of the average building energy demand. Taken into account 40% of this energy corresponds to electricity energy, we would have 72 kWh/sqm/year of electricity demand.

Imagine the office has the green building direction to provide minimum 45% of the electricity demand from a renewable energy source, which means 2,700 kWh/month for our example.

This report explains how the combination of the photovoltaic integration in Skylight + Curtain Wall can help to comply with the green building requirement related to renewable energy source. The photovoltaic system integrated in skylight shown on Table 1 provides an important amount of energy during the summer but during winter months, due to sun’s path, the performance is lower than the given requirement of minimum monthly energy demand.

In these cases, the addition to the photovoltaic system of a photovoltaic facade integration helps to comply with the requirement thanks to its important performance during winter months. The facade integration, specially south facade as it has been study on this report on table 2, incorporate to the photovoltaic system enough energy during the winter months to reach the minimum requirement. What is more, provide more homogenous output energy during the whole year, as it is presented on the total photovoltaic system output on Table 3.

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