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Back in 1993, Sir Noman Foster stated that solar architecture was not about fashion, but rather about survival; and he was right. Nowadays, the building integrated photovoltaic market is worth $1.2 Billion, and it is expected to reach $6.3 Billion by 2022.

The US market has a lot to celebrate. The recent federal legislative action extending the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the Bonus Depreciation towards 2021, paves the way for a bright future for solar architecture.

Photovoltaic Glass

According to the ITC extension, when installing a photovoltaic curtain wall, façade or skylight, you will recover 30% of its total cost via a tax credit. Such 30% credit extends not only to the photovoltaic glass itself, but also to the eligible property including curtain wall systems, sales and use taxes on the equipment, installation costs, and all electrical equipment such as inverters, breakers, energy storage devices…

This federal measure, along with the bonus depreciation and other performance based incentives, turn any photovoltaic-glazed envelope into a great investment for developers and owners.

Check out our feasibility and ROI reports here and contact us at for additional information on our photovoltaic glass and the incentives.

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