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Onyx Solar has received an award for “Most Innovative Sustainable Technology”


 Kuwait AwardsThese excellence awards recognize achievements and innovations which have contributed to the conservation and generation of energy in 2015.

Hamad Alkuwari, Onyx Solar’s representative in Qatar, collected the award at the ceremony celebrated in Kuwait “It’s an honor to receive such important award”, he said.

We interview Hamad Alkurari,  Onyx Solar’s official distributor in Qatar.

1. How would you describe your company? Taking into account your background, what have led you to start a business relationship with Onyx Solar?

Since 2004 my main idea is deliver quality products to my customers in Qatar. Last year, Flash Trading decided to run a new project in clean and sustainable energy, where Onyx Solar was our principal choice.

2. Based on your experience and knowledge of the Qatar Market, is there any sustainable building trend? In your opinion, what market trends are there going to be in the near future?

Certainly, there are more and more existing initiatives towards sustainable development and fortunately it is an unstoppable trend. I`m sure that soon there will be new projects in the area since there are lots of opportunities available. Besides, the market is now very receptive to such an innovative technology”.

3. Onyx Solar solutions have active and passive properties which generate green and clean energy thanks to the Sun and they are the only building material that provides return of investment. What are the customer’s reactions when they find out about this innovative product?

All the companies and professionals show a great interest when they know Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass.

4. Thanks to our continuous investment in R & D we are regularly launching new products, such as our photovoltaic walkable floor or the first low-e photovoltaic glass. What is your opinion?

I am sure Onyx Solar will keep developing new products and improving the existing ones as they have been doing so far. As Official Distributor of Onyx Solar, I really appreciate Onyx Solar`s support based on cutting-edge technologies.

5. How has your experience being Official Distributor of Onyx Solar so far? How do you see it the next years?

Honestly, sustainable energy market is growing so fast, but at the same time, it is a tough market especially in our region.

Personally, I believe that the education of new generation based on green energies is essential. That’s why, here in Qatar, Flash Tradding sponsors and gives support to the students that want to do their final projects using Onyx Solar’s products.

6. What would you recommend to our future distributors?

We must educate our generations concerning the importance of sustainable energy and how to use solar technology, like the glass of Onyx Solar, in an effective and correct way.

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