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With Onyx Solar you will recover your investment in record time, and you will secure extra income for the next 30 years, thanks to the energy generation and the thermal insulation of our photovoltaic glass

Solar energy has become much more viable and attractive for the construction sector. This is because of the amortization of the investment through the generation of clean and free electricity from the sun, and also because of the surge in incentives worldwide.

We now carry out feasibility studies that include tax credit and incentive which may apply when using photovoltaic glass. This means that in countries such the US they can lower the cost of the glass down to only 2.5 USD/Sqft (24 EUR/sqm). It makes a difference!

MarcoFotoPrincipal1In the US for example, you have on one hand the tax credit incentive for solar energy that covers 30% of the total cost of the photovoltaic system.  Such 30% covers not only the cost of the photovoltaic glass, but also the rest of the components of the system that are classified as “energy property” that could include the structure that supports the photovoltaic glass, balance of system and installation.

On the other hand, you have the modified accelerated cost recovery system that allows you to recover the cost in a few months, through depreciation deductions, compared to a traditional one which is depreciated over 39 years.

In following the link you can download an example of a quote for a curtain wall in California where incentives apply.

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