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Photovoltaic solar energy is now equally or more competitive than the wind and the fossil fuel energy


Photovoltaic SkylightIn countries such as Spain, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay, photovoltaic energy is already producing electricity at a cost of 0.07 €/kWh. Even in Dubai this cost has been reduced to 0.05 €/kWh.

The latest analysis “Actual cost and photovoltaic future” by German Agora Think Tank, estimates that this cost will reach 0.041 €/kWh by 2050.

Incidentally, in Germany on last Wednesday, the favorable climate condition had yielded a record setting solar energy production, whose energy was distributed nationwide through the grid system.  At the rate of -0.001 €/kWh, the people were able to consume electricity for free for the duration of 2 hours.

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