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This kit allows a conversion from existing street furniture into mobile phone chargers or LED lighting spots, through a simple and easy installation


PV tile kit

As easy as substituting the top cover of the manhole or inspection chamber for a photovoltaic tile of non-slip glass. The generated energy is stored in a battery in this micro solar farm, and can be used to charge mobile phones and LED lighting through USB and RJ connectors respectively.

As a result, up to 15 mobile phones can be charged a day, or 6 hours of lighting. Through a minimal investment, a simple tile converts existing street furniture in an active element that generates free clean electricity from the Sun.

The success of the photovoltaic street furniture kit, drives Onyx Solar to keep investing on continuous innovation, introducing the photovoltaic tile kit. This kit consists of:

1. Photovoltaic tile
2. Micro solar farm
a) Battery

  b) USB connector (mobile phones)
  c) RJ connector (LED lighting)

The dimensions of the tiles are fully customized, making this kit the perfect solution to substitute in an easy way the cover of manholes next to street poles, advertising poles, street bus marquees, playgrounds, and converting them into mobile phone chargers or LED lighting spots.

A great tech and design solution, which besides generating clean and free energy from the sun, prevents the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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