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Onyx Solar has been awarded for launching the first low-e photovoltaic glass. It is a glass that improves insulation and lowers the electricity bill in buildings up to 90%

low-e pv glass

Besides producing free clean energy from the Sun, Onyx Solar’s low emissivity photovoltaic glass equals or exceeds the properties of similar conventional glass:

· U-Value: up to 0,13 BTU/hft2Fª (0,74W/m2K)
· Solar Factor/SHGC: from 10 to 40%, which makes our photovoltaic glass a perfect candidate in order to achieve a suitable balance between inner temperature andHVAC energy savings.
· Selective  UV and IR Harmful Radiation Filter: it filters 85 to 95% out of the total infrared radiation and 99% of the ultraviolet radiation.
· Light Transmission: transparency levels ranging from 10 to 30%, which allow the entry of natural light.
· Exterior Reflection: from 7 to 9%.

For additional information about this innovative building material, please download our Low-E Photovoltaic Glass Technical Guide.

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