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Thanks to the collaboration of Reconal, Onyx Solar’s official distributor in Poland, the first BiPV installation in that market is already available for visits: Reconal’s headquarters in Rzeszów, which counts on the Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass

Reconal is a Polish company operating in the European market which specializes in construction projects and the construction of aluminum-glass facades and skylights.

Onyx Solar and Reconal work together towards a common goal: improving buildings’ energy efficiency and making them more sustainable. As a anorther proof of the commitment by both parties, Reconal has integrated Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass in its headquarters. This marks the beginning of building integrated photovoltaics in Poland and a great application for customers to visit.


According to Pawel Bytnar, photovoltaic project coordinator in Reconal, “the Polish market is very interested in this cutting-edge technology“. Moreover, “It is a product with great opportunities for sustainable building projects due to its multiple benefits: free and clean energy generation from the sun, thermal and acoustic insulation, protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation and especially the economic savings in HVAC systems.”

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