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We interview Antonio Aftimos from Cristacurva, a leading glass manufacturer company, and distributor of Onyx Solar


Antonio Aftimos

1. Antonio, how do you value your relation as Onyx Solar’s distributor? What made an established company like yours bet on this line of photovoltaic glass? Cristacurva is always at the forefront searching for new technologies that can meet the needs of our customers.

2. Cristacurva is well-known for being a glass manufacturer of high added value products, which is the reaction of your customers when present them this new product line? It is always a great success and it produces a lot of interest for being a technology that gives added value and that is important for the type of customers which Cristacurva serves.

3. Where do you think building glass market is heading? Every day more and more architects are looking for buildings to be sustainable in some way and this type of product like Onyx Solar’s offers several alternatives that helps to achieve this.

4. How do you value the upcoming release of Onyx Solar’s Photovoltaic Low-e glass? It will have a great impact in the market and it will become an added value product.

5- What do you think about a glass, with identical characteristics and properties as a low-e glass, being able to generate free and clean electricity from the sun? The greater the sustainable value is, the bigger everybody’s benefit is. It’s a great product.

6. Moreover, that electricity generated during 25 years, will have a fixed price below 0.03 $/kWh, while in Texas, the price of electricity grid is right now, for commercial, 0.07 $/kWh, and 0.12 $/kWh and 0.33 $/kWh, in California and Hawaii respectively, how do you think this fact will affect the market? Cost-benefit will always be the path to follow because this kind of product brings to this region, and many others, great savings, such as much lower cost of electricity, but I think the most important fact is that this product generates clean energy.

 7. What’s for you the most important thing of your relation with Onyx Solar, and how do you think it will be in 5 years? Its enthusiasm, the great communication with its team and the way they support us, its cutting edge technology, definitely it is a great product. In the future I see a strengthened business relationship, accomplishments and goals achieved by completing projects and several more that will come.

Thank you so much for your time Antonio, and for trusting in Onyx Solar.


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