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Repsol Technology CenterOnyx Solar CTO, Teodosio del Caño, was invited by Repsol on 2nd March to share his expertise in a Science and Technology Forum organized by Repsol to discuss the scientific challenges laying on a global change environment.

In the event, which took place at Repsol CTR (Repsol Technology Center) in Madrid, also participated some of the main personalities in Innovation of Spain, such as Fernando Temprano, CTO of Repsol.

The exponential growth in world population – specially in developing countries – will bring important changes of economic leadership, geopolitical relations and an increase of the consume of natural resources. Under these circumstances, technological companies must set their strategy to be one step ahead of the volatile environment, using innovation and technology as a driven force.

Teodosio del Caño pointed out what are the main challenges, what sectors will need to adapt to a strong technological environment change and what a company should do to becoming a leader in the new scenario ahead.

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