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A.Beltran and F.Pinton representing Onyx Solar

Alvaro Beltrán and Francesco Pinton, Onyx Solar representatives

Onyx Solar has recently reached an agreement with Enel, Italy’s largest power company and the second largest utility listed in Europe. Based on the agreement, Onyx Solar will supply our multifunctional PV solutions for building integration for the Italian market via  its renewable energy subsidiary, Enel Green Power.

The agreement – signed by Mr. Alvaro Beltran and Mr. Gianpaolo Marsella representing Onyx Solar and Enel Green Power respectively – was reached this month after a few meetings in both companies’ headquarters.

After signing it, Mr. Beltran pointed out that “this agreement is an unprecedented step forward in the introduction of our solutions onto the Italian market. A very design-demanding market which also specially takes care of its historical heritage and now moves towards energy efficiency“. “Today is a great day for our company. This agreement confirms  again that we are seen as a referent point in the building integrated photovoltaics“.

Enel Green Power

About Enel

Enel is a global operator that produces, distributes and sells electricity and gas in 40 countries over 4 continents, providing energy to more than 61 million customers all over the world.

Enel has over 97,000 MW of net installed capacity and 6.100 MW of that capacity are from renewable energy sources through its subsidiary Enel Green Power.

In 2010, Enel posted revenues of more than 73 billion euros and a net income of 4,4 billion euros. Moreover, the group employs more than 76.000 people around the world, being Europe, North America and South America its main markets.

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