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Onyx Solar has accomplished another project in the United States. We have integrated a brise soleil in the construction of the new building of Arcadia University Campus (Pennsylvania). This solution consists of a combination of two types of UL certified semi-transparent photovoltaic glasses and has been customized to perfectly meet the architectural needs. In addition, it  will generate 4.8 kWh per year and avoids the emission of 2.56 tons of CO2.

Arcadia University is a private university founded in 1853 and located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The university has a 4,000 co-educational student population and from a historical point of view, it is one of the more aesthetic-concerned Campus in the Unites States. This project has confirmed the United States as one of the major markets for Onyx Solar.


  1. 4.8kWh per year!!!!!!!!! Wow1

  2. it is astonishing technology that am sure has bein around for years it is nice to see a company act

    on this and apply it to ensure the future of the earth , i salute and it would nice to see future

    architecs and builders use this i would spread the word .

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