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The photovoltaic estimation tool, one of the most useful resources for Onyx Solar’s website visitors, is now available also for USA. In a really simple way, this development allows to select a location within the country and considering the weather, solar irradiation, orientation and other factors, calculate on an estimative way how Onyx Solar solutions would perform in each particular project.

Until now, the tool was only available for Europe, Africa and Middle East, but due to the large amount of requests received from North America we have upgraded it.

These calculations, however, must be considered as estimative and in any case as conclusive. For a more detailed and precise study, professional tools as the ones used by Onyx Solar technical department should be used.


  1. Simply awesome! Another good work from onyx dev. team!

  2. How do I download the tool? We also have a San Francisco project that could use this.

    • You can’t download it, you have to use it online. And of course, bear in mind it’s only an estimation tool and if you need accurate data you should use professional tools as the ones our technical department handle on a daily basis. So if you need help just let us know.

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