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Onyx Solar PV Ventilated Façade for the SML House

The Solar House built by the Cardenal Herrera University, in which Onyx Solar participated designing and executing a photovoltaic ventilated façade, obtained the first prize for Market Feasability during the Solar Decathlon  Europe held in Madrid last week. What’s more, the SML House was the most voted project among the 190.000 visitors who went to the “Solar Villa” to observe the last tendencies on sustainable architecture.

The Spanish Prince visiting SML House with Onyx façade

These two recognitions show that Onyx Solar constructive solutions are not only aesthetically attractive but also feasable from an economic point of view. The prize is maybe the most important as it’s the objective of the competition to test new measures that can be after applied in real life by architects in their projects on a daily basis. Thus, it’s demonstrated that the PV ventilated façade has great potential from the supply side (economical feasibility) as well as the demand side (the most voted house among visitors). Also, the SML House was the only project from a Spanish University visited by the Spanish Prince, as seen in the image above.

Finally, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University was the winner. It wasn’t a surprise as they have been working on the house for the last five years and they finally got a recognition for their work after not winning any of the previous four editions. The Cardenal Herrera University finalized first among Spanish institutions.

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