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The Code Council’s Sustainable Building Technology Committee (SBTC) wrapped up its work in drafting the Public Version of the new International Green Construction Code (IGCC) at its fifth and final session January 28-30 in Austin, Texas. The 29 committee members, along with dozens of Work Group participants, labored in three intense days of amendments, debates and consensus, which will result in a March 15 unveiling of the first IGCC Public Version. This will provide an immediate resource document for current efforts underway in state and local jurisdictions, as well as the basis for public comments and subsequent hearings to provide a second Public Version for consideration at the Code Development Hearings in 2011.

The IGCC efforts launched last summer in Washington, D.C., with subsequent SBTC meetings in Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Ft. Myers and Austin. The open meetings drew a large group of observers, many of whom participated in Work Groups or in providing testimony to the drafters.

SBTC Vice Chair Chris Green, representing the AIA, said the IGCC “is a game-changing code.” Green emphasized the volume and quality of work accomplished in a short amount of time, and that he and others had gained new knowledge and respect for all the participants.

Code Council Deputy Senior Vice President Mike Pfeiffer served as the SBTC Secretariat. Pfeiffer announced that in addition to posting the Public Version by March 15, the Code Council Board will appoint a 12-15 person Public Comment Hearing Committee that will include some SBTC members as well as new members. The public comment deadline is May 14, with public hearings scheduled for August 14-22 in Chicago.

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